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How to effectively extend the service life of water park equipment

How to effectively extend the service life of water park equipment

Any equipment has a limited service life, of course, water park equipment is no exception! How to extend the service life of a water park project ? With the continuous development of the national economy, the state's support for the tourism industry, people's higher demand for leisure and entertainment, the investment in the water park project will be more rational, the amusement equipment products will be more diversified, and the water amusement industry will More mature and strong.
For example, as far as our human beings are concerned, if they are properly maintained, they will be relatively younger than their peers. Similarly, in terms of water park equipment, if properly maintained, they can prolong their service life, and vice versa. Shorten its service life! Here are some strategies for everyone to share, for reference only.

1. The park must post the game instructions, and professional on-site maintenance personnel advise the tourists on the irregular gameplay! Due to the special nature of the water park equipment, it is afraid of sharp, sharp objects, so visitors are prohibited from carrying sharp objects into the play area. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of tourists, visitors must also follow the instructions of the product to play! This not only protects the water park equipment, but also is responsible for the personal safety of the tourists.
2. The equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly, and it is necessary to repair it in time to prevent damage to the water park equipment;
3. Check whether the water park equipment has an offset every day. If there is a skew movement, it should be adjusted in time to prevent uneven pressure on the equipment, and the deformation and even damage may occur after a long time;
4. Before the business is closed or after the business is closed, it is necessary to carry out a safety inspection on the underwater to check whether there are any prohibited items left behind, and promptly remove them after the discovery to prevent damage to the equipment or damage to the tourists;
5. Track the usage of the device daily and record the usage of the device to fully understand the status of the device.
6. The water park equipment has strong corrosion resistance. If it needs to be cleaned, it can be wiped with daily cleaning products such as soapy water and washing powder, then rinsed with clean water, then disinfected with disinfectant, and then wiped with soft cloth such as damp cloth. . Operators should pay attention not to brush with hard and rough objects such as iron brushes, so as to avoid the beautiful pattern on the surface of the scratching equipment, which will affect the value of the equipment!

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