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How to Make Greater Profits in Water Park Equipment

How to Make Greater Profits in Water Park Equipment

1. Do not blindly pursue novelty and scale           

In the limited open time to obtain higher profits, the water park equipment venues require higher requirements. Those large-scale water recreation places with strong comprehensive strength and outstanding comprehensive advantages can mostly obtain higher profits. In this trend, operators can not be blamed for pursuing rich content of water recreation projects, but do not easily compete with large-scale, strong brand strength and wide radiation range of water recreation venues. In order to make profits and increase the value of a project, we should not simply use formulas or templates. We should make rational analysis of the area and investment amount of the aquatic park based on the local market and resources, make our own characteristics, and combine professional management and marketing to make the benefits of the aquatic park.           
Example: In order to "reproduce" the mystery of ancient Egyptian and Babylonian cultures, Dream Water City of Zhuhai not only strives to create the cultural atmosphere of Egypt in the environment, but also adds many classic projects and uses many advanced water recreation equipment, which has won the favor of consumers.           

2. Transforming the Business Model           

On the one hand, flexible ticket system is adopted. For different time (holidays, etc.), different types of people (students, children, the elderly, the disabled, etc.) take different fares, and cooperate with other brands, using the form of bundled ticket sales. Use the flexibility of fare to stimulate the enthusiasm of consumers. On the other hand, cooperate with relevant enterprises, joint marketing, to achieve customer resource sharing and resource sharing. 
Example: The Great Hippo in Guangzhou has set the goal of "letting citizens come once in ten years". It has been engaged in various forms of joint promotions with famous brands such as Pepsi Cola, Green Yinge and Watson's, focusing on the development of "repeat customers".           

3. Develop creative activities           

A series of activities to satisfy visitors'participation and experience are launched in accordance with the theme of WaterPark.           
Example: Zhuhai Yuanming New Garden and Dream Water City jointly presented the theme concept of "Three Kingdoms Performing Arts". They held three major activities: the Qing Palace Circus, the Sacred Elephant Water Sprinkling Festival and the Royal Beer Festival, and interacted happily with tourists. It greatly improves the enthusiasm and participation of tourists and establishes emotional dependence with consumers.

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