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How Can Investors Distinguish the Quotation of Water Park Equipment

How Can Investors Distinguish the Quotation of Water Park Equipment

All the investors are concerned about the cost control of the water park investment. But after a few quotations, it is often difficult to distinguish the price ratio of many quotations. This article teaches you how to find a cost-effective quotation from a professional point of view.

1. The most reasonable and optimal plan should be determined first. As for how to make the decision, you can check this article. It is reasonable to compare quotation with the best scheme.

2. If the quotation items of each project are detailed in the control scheme, whether the equipment is corresponding to the above drawing, for some of the equipment that has not been shown in the scheme drawings, the words are not included or contained or covered.

3. Pay special attention to the cost of tax, transportation, loading and unloading, installation and commissioning, or detection of the quoted price. Because the cost of this aspect is very big, the normal circumstance tax is 10%, the installation charge is about 15-20%, the cost of transportation, detection and so on is more than 200 thousand, So if you just see a low price, it's often a lot higher than the real price.

4. In general, a sincere offer is made in a clear and detailed list, with drawings, specifications, and even materials. It also lists a number of accessories that are not seen on the drawing, and the parts that are not included are clearly marked. Even the patient explanation, there will be no ambiguity. This article simply explains some points from the quotation book, and finally chooses which company to do, or to consider the situation from all aspects.

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