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CCTV Special Reports: Haisan Entertainment Source of Water Play Amusement

CCTV Special Reports: Haisan Entertainment Source of Water Play Amusement

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Midsummer season, the hot weather, the most popular must be water rides. Sunshine, beach, music, sea, exciting rides, these requirements makes water park becoming the choice of the leisure entertainment for the summer. Follow the CCTV Outlook temporarily from the hustle and bustle of the city, together with Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., LTD., opening a wonderful midsummer tour.

In front of our eyes with the theme of minority nationalities amorous feelings, the most fantastic color water park is Sanya Dream Water Park, with a total area of about 120000 square meters. Built on hills the world's biggest island mountain water park, is participant by the Guangzhou Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., LTD., involved with design, exclusive equipment supply. It is the first full year 365 days open domestic outdoor water park.
the biggest wave pool in China from Haisan
water parks

All sorts of screams coming from the nearby, singing with the cries of tourists, the tsunami of three meters is China's largest tsunami wave pool - Crazy Tsunami. Unprecedented tsunami waves swept through, raised his arms, you can enjoy the waves rushed the infinite pleasure. Phoenix Shenmu is the highest rapid ramp in the Asia-pacific region, imagining from 28 meters high, 70 - degree slope of the feeling of free fall into the water, nearly vertical cool way, let people  couldn't help screaming aloud without experiencing. Super Trumpet Slide is one of the most popular large aquatic amusement equipment in the park. When sitting in a specially designed clovers type float circles, slide from 20 meters to the great horn cone about 18 meters in diameter, feeling is like being sucked through a tornado.
Water amusement park built by Haisan
Once Super Trumpet Slide is put into the market it is favorably received and its present market is bullish. At the same time sharpness of Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., LTD. is coming, acquiring more attention and cooperation. It also means Haisan burdened with more heavily responsibility. Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., LTD, on the one hand, wants to make more achievements, but also the foundation more solid, so the quality and safety guaranteed has become the primary issue.
Hengdian Water Park

Waterpark in Egypt

Opened in June 2011 Dream Valley Water World, located in "China's Hollywood," Hengdian World Studios, covers an area of about 60000 square meters, which is Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., LTD., received another challenging projects, to provide the project planning, landscape design and equipment manufacturing and installation services. Want to be amazed in designing effect, Haisan company in landscape design for the water injected with Turkey, Egypt theme cultural elements, as well as firstly adding the domestic circle track and python way.
Big water slide by Haisan
Outdoor Water Slide by Haisan

Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., LTD., director of the company said the company is not only for the products, for partners, for tourists pour into work, also with the same delicate mind, cared for every employee. In order to make production first line employees to work more safety and health, the company has invested millions of money, introducing two sets of environmental dust removal equipment, it is the only one in the domestic industry. So far, the company's involvement in the design, manufacture of theme park at home and abroad has more than 100, products are exported to more than 30 countries on five continents, but it is only the first step of Haisan, product internationalization is the dream in the future.
Lu Hongbing Haisan

Water Park Equipment Water Bowl

In order to gain a foothold in the overseas market, compete with several world famous manufacturers Haisan thinks its biggest advantage is steadfast, no shortcuts. If an enterprise wants to keep the competitiveness and fresh vitality, constantly bringing new products to market is the only way. Nowadays, Haisan company obtained product patent has reached more than 30, its products are daily receiving visitors in various countries around the world. Guangzhou Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., LTD. is a manufacturing enterprise, happiness of tourists is a recognition of them and the incessant research and development, design, and the safety of the products come out again and again repeatedly before the test, the pursuit of new products constantly and challenges and also proved that the personality of Haisan is never satisfied, its persistence is both on the strength of the confidence, also is the pursuit of happiness.

Water Park Equipment Manufacturer

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