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Five Myths to Avoid when Building a Water Park

Five Myths to Avoid when Building a Water Park

There are many operators who are just starting to manage water parks. They experience these kinds of problems when operating water park equipment, which affects their income and leaves them at a loss. They found that running a water park was not what they wanted. But at the same time, it's bewildering to see other aqua park projects come to life. In fact, the right medicine to solve a crisis can only be prescribed when a business problem is identified.

The following is a brief analysis of some major misunderstandings that may be encountered in the operation of aqua park projects.

Myth 1: The aqua park project lacked necessary market research in the early stage, and the investment scale of the park was too large, and even some vicious competition was formed.

Some investors hold a "no, only bigger" comparison mentality, believing that as long as capital is in place, they will be rewarded handsomely, ignoring the relationship between investment and the market.

As the scale of investment expands, the number of tourists who maintain the normal operation of the aqua park project will inevitably increase. Especially in third- and fourth-tier cities, the population and economic capacity are relatively insufficient to support large-scale water parks.

In recent years, some investors have seen that the overall demand of China's amusement market is strong. Regardless of the development law of the local market, blindly launching aqua park projects will eventually lead to vicious competition in local water parks and cause unnecessary waste of funds.

Myth 2: The planning of the aqua park project is unreasonable, and the flow of tourists is not smooth.

Some developers spend a lot of money budget to purchase water amusement equipment, and underinvest in water park design, theme packaging, operation and management. The unreasonable traffic planning of some park visitors, poor tours, and even in the hot summer or even the whole summer, will lead to poor visitor experience and a high complaint rate, which is the root cause of aqua park project operation problems.

Myth 3: The price of tickets for aqua park projects is too high, and the revisit rate of tourists is low.

Some developers hope to recover the cost quickly through the high ticket price, but the excessively high ticket price often exceeds the psychological affordability of tourists and becomes an "obstacle" for tourists to play in the water park.

Myth 4: aqua park projects lack themed packaging and have limited overall appeal.

On the surface, in recent years, the construction of water parks across the country has been very popular, and water parks have been opened in large numbers. However, most of the developed water parks lack unique themes and cultural creativity. Most of them are pure water amusement equipment accumulated using real estate development and construction concepts and technologies.

The planning, construction and operation of water parks; resulting in serious homogeneity of some aqua park projects, lack of overall attractiveness and limited market appeal.

mMyth 5: The product portfolio of aqua park projects is single, and the seasonal impact is obvious.

One of the characteristics of aqua park projects is their strong seasonality and relatively short opening hours. Visitors flock to the park each summer, but in winter and spring, the park can only be closed.

Basically, the operation time of water parks in various provinces is about 3-6 months. A single product attribute sets the water park apart in both winter and summer, with a strong seasonal effect.

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