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How to be a valuable IP for a water slide?

How to be a valuable IP for a water slide?

For a valuable IP, it should have the following basic conditions:           

1. High visibility. Being familiar with the target customer base is the minimum requirement. This may mean constant product and publicity investment in an IP.           

2. High reputation. Shandong prawns, as well as Hainan and Lijiang's various bad deeds and notoriety, certainly have a great negative impact on the reputation of local tourism brands.           

3. High marketing power. To be able to transform popularity and reputation into the desire to purchase IP related products and services, it's not good to call or not to call.           

4. High added value. A schoolbag of the same quality, with a Mickey Mouse authorized by Disney and a pleasant goat, the price difference between the two can reach several hundred percent? And pleasant goat has become a well-known cultural IP in China.           

Some people say that 2016 is the first year of tourism IP. I don't think so. IP was there early. What is the first year? 2016 is exactly the first year of hyping IP.           

There is no doubt that the main IP concentration area in the world is the United States, cultural IP is mainly in Hollywood, Japan is second class, and China's IP is not ranked on the list at all. But have we ever seen the six Hollywood giants talk about IP every day? All day long, I use IP as a slogan to fool you. It's a lack of speculation.           

Although domestic IP is weak in the world, Chinese people should be self-sufficient.           
With the continuous growth of cultural and tourism project investment, the habit of Chinese people copying Shanzhai will lead to more and more similar products, and the role of IP will continue to highlight.           

As a long-term enterprise providing toy OEM for famous Japanese animation characters, Huaxia animation should have a deep understanding of the importance and value of IP.

In the future, what direction will the indoor amusement project develop?

1. Sense building. Through a variety of excellent design and acoustic photoelectric effect, the tourists will have completely different sensory feelings from entering the project, which will give people a shock and resonance in the heart.           

2. Virtual reality. Through advanced technology, we can create a kind of amusement experience that we can't get in the real world and can't feel in other places.           

3. Interactive immersion. Enhance the interactivity of the experience, make the players really immersed in it, generate user stickiness, and increase the secondary passenger flow.           

4. Special performance. Integrate modern science and technology elements, create a unique performance program, let visitors experience the theme culture of the park in a dream.       
5. Module replication. Standardized, replicable, in a limited space, so that more tourists continue to get a good experience.           

6. Peripheral cultural creation. Through unique creative goods, catering and theme activities, tourists can be deeply integrated into the atmosphere, while expanding the revenue.

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