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Tantrum Alley

Tantrum Alley

Tantrum Alley
  • Tantrum Alley
  • Tantrum Alley
  • Tantrum Alley
  • Tantrum Alley

Keyword: Park slides manufacturer
Material: fiberglass
Capacity: 4 person/raft
Slide type: Raft slide
Width: 2.6m-8.2m
Length: 147m
Tower height: 18.5m, customized
Model Number: HS118
Capacity per hour: 400 riders/h 
Production method: spray up

Tantrum Alley Park Slides For Sale Tantrum Alley Park Slides Manufacturer Park Slides Supplier
Haisan is a water park equipment manufacturer located in Guangdong province in China with its own brand Haisen. At Haisan, there are a big range of slides, rides and pools equipment for water parks, theme parks and amusement parks. The main material being used for those water park equipment are fiberglass with techniques of hand spray up and powder coating, which meets SGS stands under ISO9001:2008 management.
Tantrum alley park slides contains 4 parts of family drifting slides and 3 sets of Tornado slides. Guests will sit in the raft for 4 person and ravel downhill to enter the first tornado where they slide back and forth several times. Tantrum Valley incorporates 4 family rafting flumes and three exciting tornadoes. Guests seated on a four-person tube will travel downhill to enter the first tornado where they slide back and forth several times, then circle around and around in the eye of the storm before exiting and hitting the second and third tornados, after which they splash out into the pool.

Water Theme Park Supplier:
With the rapid increase of people's living standard at home and abroad, the expansion for leisure amusement market, higher requirements for entertainment amusement products are made from visitors. In order to enrich water park equipment types, Guangzhou Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. develops a new product which is named as Tantrum Alley. Riders take on a raft in the shape of a clover, grasp handles on both sides, and slide down along the way with its own gravity under water lubrication conveniently. After a period of spiral section and steep fall, riders will enter the oblique cone as if sucked by tornado eye. Raft goes on the inner wall of the cone with up and down spiral reciprocating movement. Then it enters a spiral section in the end of the cone and goes into the second and third cone, making the riders feel different surprise everywhere. When it goes into the buffer, the speed of raft will decreases gradually with the action of water flow in the buffer period. Finally it will fall into the pool and finishes thrilling trip.

Haisan Services:
1. We will provide best quality products and enthusiastic service for you.
2. Our factory is a direct manufacturer in China, thus we ensure to offer you with the most competitive price.
3. Provide professional suggestions for equipment selection.
4. Provide design services for your project according to the local land information and requests.
5. Guide your staff to operate the equipment and to manage the water park.
6. Arrange engineers to your site to supervise your workers to install the equipment.
7. One Year Warranty of all products.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Wrapped with bubble film,in wooden box, for shipping
Delivery Detail: Within 20-40days in usual.But according to the quantity.
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