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Safety first: precautions for the preparation and operation of water park equipment-part two

Safety first: precautions for the preparation and operation of water park equipment-part two

11, indoor venues import and export design needs?

(1) Indoor venues with large carrying capacity, in order to increase the rapid entry of tourists into indoor venues, 2-3 corridors are generally designed to save time for entering indoor water park equipment.

(2) If there is no need to distribute the auxiliary facilities, regional isolation can be set to improve operational efficiency.

12. What are the design requirements for river channel cleaning water collection pits?

(1) River courses need to be cleaned regularly. The slope of the whole river channel should be considered during design to ensure the convenience of washing the river.

(2) It is recommended to design a puddle at a distance of 40-60 meters at the bottom of the river to facilitate centralized collection and discharge of sewage when washing the river.

(3) Many projects do not set up puddles, which leads to the bad collection and discharge of sewage at the bottom of the pool when cleaning the river.

13. What are the design requirements for the export bath of rotating equipment?

(1) Rotating equipment After the end of the ride, some tourists will feel dizziness and vomiting, and the bathing place is convenient for tourists.

(2) The exit bathing place is also convenient for the machine staff to use when cleaning.

14. What is the design need for a large number of bubble balls in the bubble stadium?

(1) The bubble ball needs to be cleaned for a fixed period of time to ensure its sanitation and ensure the quality of operation.

(2) Bubble ball cleaning needs to set the soaking pool, cleaning pool and drying place.

15. After the star equipment failure, the tourist complaint handling channel design needs?

(1) The exit and entrance need to take into account the visual obscuration between the tourists, which is convenient for receiving the landing equipment in the future. If the vision is transparent, waiting for the tourists will generate strong complaints.

(2) Obstructions are generally covered by the theme wall, landscaping, or moving lines.

(3) It should be set to consider the indoor queuing area or the shading queuing area, so that it is convenient to collect tourists when teaming.

16. What are the emergency channel design requirements for the star equipment queuing area?

(1) The emergency equipment fast lane should be designed in the queuing area of the star equipment, which is convenient for the tourists to quickly leave the queuing area when the equipment is faulty, and prevent group trampling.

(2) The emergency channel handles the lock lock state on weekdays to prevent visitors from opening at will, causing queues for tourists to queue up.

17. What is the design requirement for the length of the star equipment queuing area?

(1) The length of the queue area of the star equipment is fixed to 1 hour length, the length of the insertion rod is 1 hour, and the remaining part is controlled by the rope.

(2) The insertion and extraction rods and the rope control are convenient for the non-peak season.

(3) The design can block the line of sight, which is convenient for future complaints and VVIP reception.

18. What are the lighting design needs of indoor venues?

(1) Indoor venues generally have pre-show halls with several scenes. Visitors can reach the main performance hall through the preview hall. In order to protect the visual and dark adaptation of the tourists, the light of the lights adopts light and dark.

(2) After the performance, the lights in the exit area will be dark and progressive.

19. Design requirements for equipment visitors?

(1) clarify the relationship between the equipment operation room, the equipment area entrance, the equipment area exit, and the queuing area entrance.

(2) The relationship between the four needs to be in a work area, which is convenient for combining the artificial demand in the off-season season.

(3) The design of many scenic spots is unreasonable and extremely inconvenient for tourists to use, and it also wastes jobs and labor when staffing positions.

20. Design requirements for safety buckles for shoulder-type equipment?

(1) In order to ensure safety, a safety buckle is added to some safety shoulder press equipment. The safety buckle of the equipment is recommended to be on the top and the child is buckled in the way, so that the visitor does not hit the face when logging in or leaving the equipment.

(2) Some equipments are very user-friendly. Some other equipments have a seat belt in front of the equipment. When the tourists have a seat belt in front of them, it is very inconvenient for tourists to get up and down, and sometimes they will inadvertently touch the tourists' faces.

21. Equipment operation area monitoring design requirements?

(1) The equipment platform and equipment operation area need to be monitored and covered, and the key monitoring screen can be set as temporary storage area and upper and lower passenger station area.

(2) When monitoring the distribution point, it is necessary to consider the wide angle of the monitoring equipment and the distance from the equipment. The installation of the equipment body cannot occur, resulting in a lot of black lights under the area.

(3) A large number of scenic spots are now on the equipment body during the layout monitoring. As a result, there are a large number of dead angles on the coverage. In fact, the installation of the pan-tilt at a remote location facilitates the full monitoring of the entire area.

22. Design requirements for equipment operation room?

(1) The area of the operation room is not less than 5 square meters, and the employee activity area is not less than 2 square meters.

(2) The visual effect of the operation room must not affect the visual effect of the operator.

(3) If there are a large number of other equipment in the operation room, it is recommended to establish a separate equipment room to prevent radiation of the equipment and ensure the occupational health needs of employees.

23. What are the design requirements for the operation area and platform of the wading project?

(1) Water-related projects need to keep water in the running area and queuing area.

(2) The treatment may take the form of a drainage ditch cover plate, perforation leakage and the like.

(3) At present, there are a lot of stagnant water on the platform of many wading projects, which has caused many safety problems such as falls of tourists.

24. What should I pay attention to when developing non-standard equipment?

(1) The development of a large number of non-standard non-detection projects in scenic spots, such as forest climbing, swings, seesaws, suspension bridges, etc., without theoretical certification and the introduction of relevant instruction manuals, the number of participating tourists is difficult to manage on site. Big hidden dangers.

(2) At present, there are cases where the suspension bridge falls and the climbing facilities collapse, resulting in equipment casualties. So that it affects the overall operational quality of the scenic spot, and can not get rid of the market dilemma for a long time.

25. What is the need for the number of indoor venues and outdoor projects?

(1) Indoor projects play an important role in solving the external circulation and opening up in the harsh weather such as hot weather, sudden heavy rain and sudden winds.

(2) According to the design needs of the theme area, each area needs to set up 1-2 indoor venues.

Equipment operation processing specification

26. Processing specifications when tourists bring food into the queuing area

(1) The entrance attendant finds that when the tourists bring food into the queuing area, they explain to the tourists that the food should not be brought into the equipment, and can be stored in the public area or handed over to the peers for preservation. Avoid tourists eating while riding equipment, the movement of the equipment causes biting the tongue, especially when the child is riding the equipment.

(2) When dissuading tourists, be polite and maintain a good attitude and explain the impact of bringing food into the equipment.

(3) If the visitor insists on bringing the food, the waiter must notify the foreman and supervisor on duty.

(4) When discouraging tourists, guide the tourists to areas away from other tourists, avoiding the attention of other tourists and causing bad reputation.

(5) If the attendant can't discourage the visitor, the supervisor on duty should go to the first time.

27, when the tourists line up, the toilet treatment standard

(1) The entrance staff reminds the waiting time for the queued tourists. If the passengers need to go to the toilet, they should prepare for the toilet in advance. If you queue up in the middle of the toilet, please raise your hand to indicate the staff.

(2) The staff arrives at the scene and issues identification marks or communicates with the queuing, pre-visiting and leaving tourists, so as to avoid the dissatisfaction of other tourists.

(3) Guide the visitor to the nearest restroom of the equipment.

(4) If other tourists in the queuing area have objections, the on-site staff should make relevant explanations and appeasement to avoid misunderstandings caused by other tourists.

28. Loss and handling specifications for equipment operation area

(1) After the waiter on duty collects the leftovers of the tourists, he will hand in the foreman the first time.

(2) The foreman hand over the items to the customer service center in time, fill in the item handover form, and indicate the picking place, item features, pickers and other relevant information.

(3) The foreman registers the picking staff and praises them.

(4) When there are tourists coming to find the items, the staff should guide the tourists to the pick-up office of the customer service center.

(5) If there are lost items that are urgently handed over to the customer service center in the future, the general items should be notified to the regional supervisor to intervene to verify and deliver the tourists, such as valuables, and need to inform the customer service center to intervene.

(6) During the process, it should be carried out under the nearest monitoring facility, leaving image data.
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