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How to do the marketing of Water Park from HAISAN water slide company Part 1

How to do the marketing of Water Park from HAISAN water slide company Part 1

It's time for the passion of "competing and showing supernatural powers" in one year. Many water park projects in the whole country have already scratched their hands and are eager to try. They are looking forward to creating excellent achievements and leading the way from water slide company. Some people are happy but some are worried becuase big investment in big brand projects is still the mainstream market leader, but there is still a large proportion of parks whose passenger flow in weekdays are only hundreds, the passenger flow in the weekend are a thousand of people hovering around. Such a situation lets investors, project parties, marketing leaders feel pressure, urgent need to rack their brains and break through in the marketing sector. The successful marketing of a project is influenced by many factors such as "project hardware, traffic location, surrounding population, activity planning, marketing input, brand image, marketing policy implementation and word-of-mouth communication", but the specific measures, plans, execution of marketing development and intensive cultivation of marketing team are also crucial to the success of the project.

Focus on analysis, accurate positioning, plan ahead

In addition to some parks in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, most parks in China will be opened in June each year, but the staff will basically arrive in April or May, many parks are still looking for and robbing people before opening, including marketing personnel. Because of the late arrival time of marketing personnel, many jobs have been lost in the golden time. As soon as they arrive at the post, they are faced with the impending rapid opening of the park. Every day they are faced with trivial matters, the analysis, research, policy and measures formulation, decision-making approval and implementation of marketing are deeply affected. Finally, they blindly follow the trend, copy the same pattern and fail to formulate suitable projects for themselves. No mature and feasible market operation methods, while the business is still exploring, while adjusting, and finally failed to achieve the desired objectives. Therefore, for a single water park project form, the early arrival of operation and marketing team personnel is particularly important, especially the early arrival of marketing and planning personnel and their entry into the work role, start to do effective market research and competitive analysis for the early stage, good overall positioning of project customers and market areas, formulation of relevant marketing implementation policies, specific market development, marketing activities planning, marketing incentives, publicity and promotion plans, media use strategies, channel business visits and exchanges to achieve cooperation intentions and so on, leave enough time and space, because there is no uniform standard for marketing, which needs to be implemented according to the local conditions of the project, and will be changed by policies, measures, promotions, activities and so on. Therefore, the personnel of the market sector should be on duty ahead of time, do a good job in scientific research and analysis in the early stage, precise target positioning, formulation of relevant policies, and decomposition of specific measures for market development. It is particularly important to fight a well-prepared battle, do planned things, pay attention to analysis, precise positioning and plan ahead.

Propaganda, Promotion and Precision Promotion

In order to make a difference in marketing, we must say goodbye to the thinking of "wine is not afraid of deep lanes". To charge, blow the trumpet first. Sales of various projects is no exception. Attacks should be made, and momentum should be made first in propaganda. Of course, not all propaganda needs to spend a lot of money but choose the most suitable and most favorable channel to do so. It makes people feel that it suddenly falls from the sky and comes out from the ground. It's easy to see and listen more, and then follow up the sales channels at all levels. Because everything is from cognition to familiarity to use.            

There are several links to be paid attention to in the propaganda and promotion. Firstly, the establishment and application of propaganda tools should pay attention to image and highlights in communication. For example, their official website, micro-website, DM, posters, Wechat public number, service number promotion and so on, need to be carefully planned and designed, in which the text, description, video, editing and typesetting need to be carefully selected, to establish their own project image theme, can not be perfunctory. Second, in the form of propaganda carrier selection, avoid a single promotion. Effective combination and combination of online and offline are needed. We should not only attach importance to new media such as Wechat public number, Weibo hotman, Live Broadcasting Platform, Video Self-Media, Hot Forum, Search Engine and Portal Website, but also to conventional media such as Pushing, Outdoor, Cinema, Bus, Taxi, Building Framework, LED Screen, Music and Transportation Radio, and grasp the propaganda input ratio and emphasis. The key point is to choose the media with high passenger flow conversion rate to cooperate so that the effect of propaganda can be presented. Third, we should pay attention to the arrangement of nodes, steps and opportunities in propaganda. Because each project has different investment in propaganda, not every project is bombing propaganda, propaganda and promotion also need to grasp the timing and rhythm of the arrangements, too early or too late is not good, generally speaking, after May Day every year will be the image of the centralized propaganda period, June is the opening of the park with a combination of all kinds of low-cost market entry, time snap-up, student concessions, buy-one-get-one, and so on. It is said that July and August will be combined with large-scale activities to inject cardiac tonics for mass propaganda. Fourth, we should make use of the strength, cooperation and promotion, and exchange of resources to carry out propaganda and promotion. Combining with the local government, business circles, scenic spots or city-related large-scale activities and events, the resources exchange and construction of the publicity platform, focusing on the use of joint marketing resources in the promotion of non-business cooperation, saving the budget expenditure of offline activities, jointly publicizing both sides, doubling the publicity effect, will also achieve twice the result with half the effort.
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