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water park builder for theme

water park builder for theme

From the moment it was born, water park builder has an irrefutable nature-it is a water equipment project with the basic function of amusement as experience, and the equipment amusement brings inevitable homogenization. Different equipment may have slightly different scales, volumes, materials and colors, but its function is basic. The interaction between tourists and cold equipment is still reflected in quality and entertainment content. Through the differential personality expression brought by theme packaging, and through emotional substitution to enhance immersion experience, tourists can get rich, continuous and rhythmic happy experience in a certain period of time.           

Pushing open the gate of water park is like entering another world. In this world, various recreational facilities and venues are shown in the form of games, live scenes, animation and stage. They are endowed with strong vitality and make recreational activities more three-dimensional and contemporary. Tourists are no longer experiencing cold equipment, but traveling through the Jurassic jungle, strolling in the kingdom of fairy tales...           

The scenes constructed by physical entities such as landscape and characters are the core of experience. By taking scene reproduction and character construction as the dominant way of IP creation, every element of water park, including human architecture, recreational equipment, entertainment performance, catering shopping and ecological landscape, is restored to its vivid scenes. From quality to color, from image to special effects, from landscape to characters, create surreal theme amusement experience.           

With virtual characters or stories as brand IP, stories ignore the boundaries of time and space in project settings, and tell stories from a staggered and jumping perspective, which makes the stories unexpected. For example, Sanya Dream Water Park ingeniously endows the theme of "water", "jungle" and "mountain top" in the three areas of the Park by compiling the legendary stories of Phoenix and the three princesses, and integrates "Phoenix" into the theme. Hengdian Film and Television City Dream Valley Water Park Phase I project topic selection is from the Mummy series movies, using the film water-related plots and water park landscape function, water park equipment amusement experience, so that the water park has a mysterious and strong attraction theme culture. In addition, Hengdian Dream Valley Park Phase II takes "One Thousand and One Night Story" as its theme and integrates with marine culture. A small children's pool also uses the story of Sinbad's sinking ship as its clue to set up water-spraying sketches such as coral, jellyfish and mermaid, making full use of thematic stories in setting up scenes. Entertainment needs.           

The addition of characters in story clues can make the theme packaging of the whole aquatic park alive, the staff dressed in scene characters, or wandering around various devices aimlessly, or bring various activities and performances. They always "inadvertently" appear around the tourists, so that they can be accessed between turns. Its interaction brings visitors a perfect sense of scene integration.           

With the increasingly fierce competition among water parks, the role of theme packaging is becoming more and more obvious. A successful theme packaging has content ability and personality attributes, more connective force and temperature sense, which triggers emotional resonance of tourists, and strengthens emotional touch and user loyalty.

water park builder
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