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Ten development trend of water parks equipment-Analysis from Chimelong Water Park and Universal Studios Volcan- Trend One

Ten development trend of water parks equipment-Analysis from Chimelong Water Park and Universal Studios Volcan- Trend One

Trend one
The first trend we judged, a good market environment is the foundation that supports the long-term development of the park. Regardless of the marketing and operations in the future, I believe that the market resources must be sufficient. In recent years, there have been hundreds of water parks every year, and some parks have been open for a year or two. Some of the results have been decided innate, not to say that there is a panacea, the marketer's indicators, or the next task will be forced to come out. Such marketing is not vital, and even if some markets continue to promote, it is the practice of quenching thirst. When you develop a water park project, the market environment analysis must be taken seriously in the early stage.

The two-hour market in Chimelong is in the Pearl River Delta. There are 10 cities, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Zhongshan. The number of cities is critical. I found that some water parks are located at the end of the peninsula or on the island. Maybe there is a lot of people in that place, but a very limited point can only serve the city. Other cities come to work hard. For people in this city, it is difficult to increase the revisit rate, and everyone's freshness is limited, forcing you to continue to innovate. At the same time, some projects are located at the intersection of cities. Although the city's population resources are not very rich, it has the advantage of covering a large number of cities.

Then there is the population, especially the urban population. Chimelong has a population market of 65 million urban residents. The urban entertainment water park equipment is first of all to serve the residents of the city. "Some people" are innate conditions. There is also a per capita disposable income in urban areas. What kind of level of consumption is allocated to the water parks of any grade, and it is not subjective and willing to say the finale. The first is to look at people, the second is the structure of people, the third is transportation, and the transportation of Changlong has been optimized in recent years. From the CBD, the university town, and the high-speed railway station, there are subways that can be directly reached, let it become The true urban transportation hub makes it possible to form a close relationship with the city.

Including activities, or the advanced practices you want to learn from others, it is important to see if you have a year-on-year relationship with others. Many of the guests mentioned above mentioned the climatic conditions. The Guangzhou area has 110 days of the year, that is, the highest temperature of nearly one-third of the year is more than 32 degrees Celsius, which is a very large innate advantage.

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