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Some trends in the development of China

Some trends in the development of China's water slide industry in the future

In the foreseeable future, China's water slide industry will continue to maintain rapid growth. As far as the industry is concerned, companies with different status will further differentiate in terms of scale, development direction and market positioning. There may be such trends:

1. "The biggest and the best" is still the direction of the industry leader
In order to maintain a sense of freshness and increase the rate of revisiting, the water park will continue to add new and more complex entertainment projects (such as surf pools, activity pools, children's activity areas, and more complex water slides), constantly updating the water park equipment and Amusement project. The expansion brought by the new project has enabled the scale of the park to continue to expand, and from the current developments at home and abroad, the largest and most advanced water parks do perform better in the market. These industry leaders will focus on large-scale cities and famous scenic spots, resorts, and even their own national or regional important destinations. In the value chain, they will extend the value chain upstream and downstream to form a super entertainment complex that integrates entertainment, leisure, sightseeing, dining, accommodation and shopping.

2. Chain operation will become the main way of expansion
Under the current development of China's new economic normal, with the increase in the support of the country's tourism development and the huge capital inflows brought about by the rapid development of the tourism industry, some water parks with sufficient funds will rapidly expand their brands. Chain operation will be the main mode of expansion, and the expansion speed of some chain brands will increase greatly. This aspect will lead to the convergence of entertainment projects, water park equipment and service standards, but on the other hand, the blank spots of water parks on our maps will be rapidly reduced.

3. The water park with specialization and light assets will become the mainstream of regional and regional water parks.
On the one hand, they position the market as a local or peripheral market, and pay more attention to the specialization of water park equipment and projects, and strive to give visitors a unique experience and more into the local culture, so as to meet the needs of local or surrounding residents. Fragmented entertainment needs. On the other hand, they may only invest in water parks, lease land, and associate with relevant local or chain companies, such as hotels, hot springs, restaurants and other companies to meet the diverse needs of tourists, unlike heavy assets. The park itself is going to create a variety of formats.

4. The intensity of industry competition will increase dramatically, and opportunities and crises will coexist.
First of all, along with the money-making effect, more and more investors have entered the water park industry. The drawbacks of oversupply and low quality in some markets have been exposed. Investors need to have fresh minds and scientific decisions, and never blindly invest in the market; With the release of the entertainment needs of ordinary Chinese people, international theme park giants will pay more and more attention to the Chinese market. Global leaders such as Disney USA have already entered the Chinese market one after another. As far as the overall situation of China's theme parks and water parks is concerned, although some progress has been made, some industry leaders have formed some of their core competencies, but there is still a gap between these international giants in terms of quality and internationalization. This will lead to an unprecedented competition for the status of China's water park leaders. In addition, the water park will be more international. In addition to the two or three internationally renowned companies that first entered the Chinese market, more foreign water park equipment manufacturers, international water park management companies and new interactive water play projects have also begun to enter China. It has brought a new perspective to the Chinese water park market, and has further exacerbated the competition in the market. There will be a large number of survival and inferior situations in the pattern of future competition.

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