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Four key points of water park design

Four key points of water park design

Four key points of water park design
1. Careful site selection and scale
The location of the water park should be convenient, and the size should be determined according to the achievable passenger flow, consumption level and its own operating team. Do not simply imitate and blindly invest.
2. More water park equipment for all ages
In recent years, single-function water park equipment is becoming less and less. Most of them are large-scale composite equipment, and most of them are consumed by family groups. Therefore, operators must consider more family consumption groups when configuring water park equipment. To configure more water park equipment for all ages, and to avoid repeated stacking of equipment, to leave sufficient space for secondary development, it is best to configure water park equipment that can operate all year round to extend the water park's business period .
3. Attaching importance to supporting facilities of water park equipment
Many park operators are keen to purchase foreign equipment, such as very expensive to purchase imported FRP slides, but they do not pay enough attention to the supporting facilities to ensure the normal operation of this equipment. When selecting the steel structure that supports FRP slides, choose those inexperienced and low-cost water park equipment manufacturers to make them. It is often impossible to ensure a good connection between FRP slides and steel structures; therefore, if there is insufficient funds to ensure the normal use of imported equipment There is no need to spend a large price on imported FRP slides. Our domestic equipment is not worse than imported equipment in some aspects, even the technology is more mature, and the price is moderate.
4. Pay attention to details during construction
After appraisal of design documents, type experiments and inspection and acceptance of the water park equipment, the equipment is used correctly in accordance with the operation manual, and the chance of an accident is extremely small. Due to the lack of attention to details during the construction process, it is the biggest cause of frequent injuries to water park tourists. Inadequate anti-skid measures and slipping and falling injuries are the most common accidents in water parks. Secondly, bruises, bumps, corners and gaps are all injuries to tourists. Hidden dangers. Therefore, during the construction of the water park, all places where tourists may come in contact must be handled carefully to ensure the safety of tourists.

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