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Strategies for the Successful Marketing of Water Park Equipment- Part three

Strategies for the Successful Marketing of Water Park Equipment- Part three

1. Promotion of Tourist Card and Membership Card            

At present, leisure vacation tourism is becoming more and more popular. Relevant enterprises and tourism companies have developed travel preferential cards. Even some water park equipment or leisure industries issue their own membership cards. These discount cards or membership cards are not only an invisible currency circulating in the market, but also a propaganda medium for marketing and promotion companies. However, it should be emphasized that the issuance of tourist discount cards or membership cards must give the cardholder or consumer a feeling of value for money. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive and destroy the image of the enterprise.

2. Off-season discount promotion            

The leisure industry, especially the amusement park industry, is obviously affected by the weather and seasonal climate in the off-peak season. When the water park has less passenger flow and the utilization rate of water park equipment is not high, ticket discount strategy can be implemented to attract visitors to the water park. Tourists are attracted to theme parks because of discount tickets, but their consumption on catering, entertainment or purchasing tourist goods will not necessarily decrease. This is another marketing strategy to stimulate tourists'consumption desire. A large number of facts have proved that off-season ticket discount promotion strategy can effectively alleviate the decline in off-season turnover.            

3. Joint Marketing with Other Brand Businessmen            

In the front, we talked about the water park itself if it has reached a certain scale, characteristics, quality, image, in fact, it already has intangible assets, we can consider joint marketing with related industries to achieve win-win and win-win results. The merchandise itself has a true image, and its image and water park image can complement each other. The combination of the two can enhance and promote each other, so that the combination will be meaningful.

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