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Safety first: precautions for the preparation and operation of water park equipment-part one

Safety first: precautions for the preparation and operation of water park equipment-part one

Funding requirements for equipment development and construction auxiliary facilities

1. Perimeter safety design requirements for large-scale track water park equipment operation?

(1) In order to prevent the vehicle from colliding with the passengers during operation, the attachment of the vehicle body is damaged, and the tourists, passengers carrying items falling off and hurting tourists, large-scale high-speed running equipment is set to operate the perimeter.

(2) The perimeter fence requires 2 meters high and has anti-climbing devices (hedges, counter-rails, barbs, etc.).

(3) In the case of maintenance access, the maintenance access is the same as the fence standard, and the listing is locked.

2. high-altitude bounce (jumping machine) equipment fall protection design needs?

(1) During the operation of high-altitude bouncing equipment, small items carried by tourists will fall off, such as keys, coins and other items. Although employees have reminders, it is impossible to completely guarantee that there are no small items to bring equipment. (Employees do not have the right to search)

(2) At the time of design, the intercepting net of the injured item is intercepted at the periphery of the device. The color of the net is black (visual protection). The material of the net is steel mesh, considering the wind load bearing capacity.

3. What are the safety requirements for the foundation pit of the high-grade track equipment?

(1) The platform of large equipment is generally a two-story space. The platform area where tourists visit is generally at a height of 3 meters. The construction safety drawings provided by some manufacturers have not considered the relevant operational safety conditions. The pits are leaking in the area of tourists or staff. There are great hidden dangers.

(2) Install a fall protection net under the track to prevent someone from falling and not falling from the height of three meters to reduce the damage of tourists or employees.

4, equipment landing to take the design requirements of pneumatic door control?

(1) In order to increase the operating efficiency, the star equipment tourists usually adopt pneumatic door control when they land (simultaneously open several doors to facilitate simultaneous simultaneous landing), but some manufacturers are not able to comply with the safety control of GB-8408. Requirements, it is easy to cause young children to pass through and cause injury.

(2) The standard for railing of pneumatic doors is that the vertical railing spacing should not be greater than 10 cm and the height should not be less than 1.2 m. Or made a closed panel, there is no rail gap problem.

(3) The opening position of the pneumatic door is not less than 10 cm from the safety distance of the vehicle, and the vehicle and the railing are mutually affected when the vehicle passes through or reverses.

5. The design of the power plant of the terminal and the power supply of the terminal?

(1) The equipment involved in the landing of the terminal is equipped with a driving device. The river area shall be provided with a falling water cover device to prevent visitors from falling into the water and not hurting the limbs.

(2) Especially for the equipment of the torrents, the safety measures are different. Some docks have anti-drop guards, and some have no fall protection panels. The installation guards provide a good protection for safety.

6, the need for bumper car safety protection measures?

(1) The safety belt of the bumper car is recommended to adopt a safety strap, which is not easy to fall off during operation.

(2) The steering wheel is soft-packed to prevent the nose from being injured when the head hits the steering wheel during the visitor experience.

7. What are the design requirements for the station storage area that need to store the equipment?

(1) The reasonable performance of the storage line improves the operating efficiency of the equipment. The storage area must be designed on the platform. It is not recommended to design at the entrance of the equipment or other areas of the platform. (At present, some of the drawings provided by the manufacturers consider this factor to be less, which often results in a small station. The temporary storage of luggage cannot be implemented. The area is placed in another area, which causes the moving line to be unreasonable and affects the operating efficiency).

(2) The locker cabinet adopts the form of single door and double cabinet (single cabinet is a vehicle service, which is convenient for cross-use and coordinating the preparation time of tourists).

(3) The number of grids of the storage cabinets is generally 70% of the total number of passengers carried in a single vehicle to meet the demand.

8. Design requirements for pre-queued areas of star equipment?

(1) Pre-queuing is the preparation of the next batch of tourists in the last batch of passengers. The number of people is the same as the number of landings on the equipment, and the parcel needs temporary storage.

(2) The setting of the specific moving line and the storage area, the setting of the pre-queued area railing, and the different settings of each device.

9. Design requirements for equipment exits that are high in carrying capacity and do not require temporary storage?

(1) The exit of the equipment can be set at 2-3 places. When the golden week traffic is large, it is convenient for the tourists to leave the game area quickly and get the time for the next batch of tourists to enter the market.

(2) For storage, take a storage basket as much as possible for visitors to take.

(3) Equipment with large carrying capacity, such as 72-person turn-around horse, 72-person turn cup, 50-person Mexican straw hat, and 52-person shake-up flying chair.

10. What is the need for emergency broadcast design for rescue horse-level equipment at high altitude?

(1) Large equipment with rescue roads. When equipment is faulty, visitors need to get safety tips in the first time, otherwise it will cause panic.

(2) During the design, the horse road area needs emergency broadcast laying. At the same time, the safety broadcast is started, and the employees climb from the platform to the equipment fault area.

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