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Water Park Investment in the Post-epidemic Era

Water Park Investment in the Post-epidemic Era

The sudden arrival of COVID-19 has caused heavy losses to the tourism industry all over the world. With the gradual control of the epidemic situation, the production has been resumed one after another, and the tourism industry is also gradually warming up. The strong recovery of tourism has made people see the possibility of explosive growth in the tourism industry in the next year.

So, in the post-epidemic era, what should we pay attention to in the water park investment? Let's share them with you.

1. More room for development will be left for water park investment in innovative parks

The aqua-park project is still the first choice for people to play in the water in summer, but a new water park needs to gather more popularity and need a point that can attract the attention of tourists. This is not just to have a unique water park equipment. The new park should create a different atmosphere, so that visitors not only feel comfortable when playing in the water, but also have a sense of freshness, and promote them to explore in the park continuously so as to make the whole playing process full of fun. To achieve that, a good IP is indispensable, but the planning and layout of the park, landscape packaging, and even the style and orientation of a small sign are also very important. It is necessary that visitors are set in an interesting story.

2. Aqua-park projects can be invested in phases

Although the domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, it is still very serious in many foreign countries. Therefore, our investment in water parks at this time should be more rational. Instalment investment is a good choice, which can reduce risks and, at the same time, leave more space for the construction of water parks to play in the future, ensuring the continued attraction of water parks to local tourists.

3. The proportion of parent-child products can be increased appropriately in aqua-park projects

According to online surveys, the proportion of parent-child travel has increased to a certain extent in recent years. In some cities, taking short-distance trips with children on weekends has even become the norm. For safety in water parks, parents usually accompany their children to play together instead of playing with large-scale water park equipment suitable for adults. Therefore, an appropriate increase in the proportion of parent-child amusement products is very important to increase the attraction of the park. .

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