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How Does the Water Ride Work

How Does the Water Ride Work

In the amusement park industry, roller coaster is the hotspot. But in the hot summer, the water park rides have gained some competitiveness. Over the past 30 years, the water slides has undergone a breakthrough change. They have simply transformed from pool side slopes into complex scenic spots and dominated the whole water park. According to the World Water Parks Association, about 78 million people visited more than 1,000 water parks in the summer of 2006 in the northern United States.

Water parks have slides and more than a dozen cycles with incredible speed. The record for the highest free-fall water slide was a 120-foot (37-meter) "peak crash" at Walt Disney World's snowstorm beach. If you prefer to sit on a raft, you can play on the same record-breaking "crazy diving" water slide in Brazil.

The water park ride is like a water roller coaster without seats and seat belts. It uses the principle of roller coaster. On a water slide, your body, is sometimes on a mat or raft. This is actually the principle of roller coaster. It's like a car on a roller coaster track. The rollers on the car reduce the friction between the car and the track, so the roller coaster can move smoothly. Water slides have a constant flow of water from the top to the bottom. Water lubricates and reduces friction between the slides and the body.

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