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Queuing for 2 hours and experiencing for 2 minutes: how to optimize the tourist experience in the restless queuing area?  Many things should be considered if you want to build a water park project or

Queuing for 2 hours and experiencing for 2 minutes: how to optimize the tourist experience in the restless queuing area? Many things should be considered if you want to build a water park project or

Many things should be considered if you want to build a water park project or theme parks. Queuing areas will be set up for amusement, performance, popular visiting and interactive events in each theme park. The queuing area is the current waiting area and warm-up area for each activity item. It is not amazing but full of articles.           

The exquisite queuing area is just like the "preparation area" in front of the rehearsal hall, which allows people to "hear the sound before seeing the person". Tourists can understand the theme and safety instructions of the project by using the queuing time. And the queuing area has more details that tourists don't care about, bringing comfort and protecting the safety of tourists. Next, let's learn about the design of queuing area from the aspects of technology control, technology application and theme creation.

Technical control of queuing area

1. Orderly guidance

The basic purpose of setting up the queuing area is to organize tourists to enter various venues or amusement areas in an orderly manner, and to experience the recreational activities safely and smoothly, rather than rush in. This is basically the same as the queuing area in front of the windows of other public service facilities. As a result, the width of the standing line is usually enough for a single person to pass through. There will be no gradual change or sudden change in width to prevent queue jumping.           

In addition, the attention items of the project, such as height requirements, health restrictions, etc., should be clearly marked at the entrance of the queue area to ensure that no farce will occur when the queue is stopped at the entrance of the project.

2. Evacuation of tourists

A long time of queuing will always encounter some unexpected special situations, such as temporary emergency exit, children need to go to the toilet, and even in case of special disasters, all staff must evacuate. In these cases, the exit and return of the original route can easily lead to disputes among tourists. When evacuating in an emergency, it is very easy for tourists to form a crowd in front of them and block them behind in a panic, resulting in stampede accidents.            Taking Haichang Discovery Kingdom as an example, emergency evacuation doors are set up in the queuing area of samba balloon project to lead to the external activity site. The exit channel of the project is set between the queuing area and the greening area, which is parallel to the outermost part of the queuing channel, and takes into account the function of rapid evacuation of tourists from the queuing area, so as to effectively guide and concentrate the flow of people under special circumstances.

3. Coping with large passenger flow

On holidays, the park's passenger flow usually reaches the peak, and the length of the queuing area is usually determined by the passenger flow during the stationary period. Therefore, in order to prevent the overflow of passenger flow in peak area, the planning and layout of temporary queuing area should be considered at the beginning of the design of the park. If you want to build water park, you shall consider this one too.           

Taking Haichang Discovery Kingdom as an example, the large pendulum project is very popular. Its temporary queuing area is set up on the hard ground near the venue. The semi open area can not only shade and prevent rain, but also will not hinder the large-scale activity flow of people. The hard ground is drilled in advance, and the temporary guardrail is inserted into the hole as required to define the queuing space. During off peak days, the temporary queuing area will be cancelled and the boreholes will be covered with metal covers. In this way, at any time, there will be no extra bumps around to trip tourists.

4. Preview area setting

Many 4D / 5D or medium and large stage theaters, even some theme amusement equipment, will guide tourists to a preview hall before queuing up for admission. This space is like the introduction of a novel, the purpose of which is to let the tourists who are about to enter the main venue concentrate their attention and stimulate their interest in watching.           

Of course, a small number of theaters will place the rehearsal hall before the queuing area according to the space of the venue, and then arrange tourists to queue up in batches to enter the main venue according to specific rules.           

The size of the rehearsal hall depends on the number of tourists that can be carried by the theater or amusement equipment in the next batch, and the space is enough for most tourists to stand comfortably. Rehearsal time does not need to be too long, explain clearly the background of the play and viewing precautions.

5. Seat setting

During the Shanghai World Expo, the Saudi Pavilion was highly sought after. During the peak 8-hour queuing time, a portable folding stool was accidentally ignited. The existence is reasonable. In the high-intensity queuing area, there are tourists sitting against the rail everywhere, which also brings good reflection to the owners of the theme park. Now, some domestic theme parks have begun to try to set up simple wooden stools along the railings. Although the width is only 20-30cm, it is enough for tourists to put down their packages and rest on their seats. When the tourists are comfortable, the unprincipled phenomena such as pushing and shoving and riding railings will disappear naturally. 

6. Fast track

In order to let some tourists experience more quickly, many theme parks have set up fast lane and single channel beside the ordinary queuing area to provide convenience for tourists by exchanging money for time. In the theme park on peak day, more and more tourists begin to accept this way to experience various projects more comprehensively. Therefore, the fast track can be regarded as an idea to increase and eliminate. If you want to build water park, you shall consider this one too.           

The entrance location of the express channel is often adjacent to the ordinary channel, and the packaging style is similar, but the path is shorter. Of course, the fast track needs to occupy two to three times the outdoor queuing area, so it needs to be set selectively for the project. And the performance venues and exhibition venues can omit the need of fast track through the setting of guest area.

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