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On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-4

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-4

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-4

The operation team is the most clear about the effect of project operation.           

What kind of product operation team tourists need is most clear.           

Which manufacturer's equipment quality, reception efficiency and the mine operation team in the purchase contract are the most clear.

In addition, the current operation team is not the previous level of experience. All kinds of magic weapons are in hand, which I call "secret collection of theme park Wulin", but it has not been carried to the table. This is that through the completion of these famous theme park projects in China in recent years, each tourism group has formed its own "theme park planning and design" for the "design stage" The contents of these standards are just a small part of the so-called secret collection. They are all compiled by the famous domestic and foreign project design and operation experts who have been working in the theme park industry for many years. They can be said to be the priceless magic weapon of our theme park industry by summing up experiences and lessons one chapter by one through the project cases The real contributor is the investor behind these projects.           

In fact, I have another expectation that these knowledge systems will one day be incorporated into the university professional courses, and more practical talents will be cultivated for the theme park industry, and even a series of books will be produced, so as not to let these valuable experiences spread among the people.           

Fourth, dare to change what can be changed.           

This point of view is to tell the head of the investor and the design director to pay attention to the opinions given by the operation team. In the past project process, when the operation team put forward some larger plans or project changes, for example, a park proposed to reduce the area of the land park and increase the construction of the water park together, compared with which equipment or project is proposed to be replaced, such as what project is proposed to be added, etc., we often hear that The boss approved the design plan and could not change it, "the equipment has been set and can not be changed" or "never change it again. The construction site and other drawings are too late" are all negative feedback, and they are all under the pressure of the boss or the leader. Another reason is that the design team has to pay attention to the assessment indicators. The more changes, the more design problems, the more criticism or assessment by the superiors, the better not to change, the earlier the construction is completed and the earlier the opening. I can't say that all the operation opinions should be listened to. If it's reasonable, the time will be right. The boss can give feedback even if he decides. Even if he recites the assessment indicators, he can't easily punish himself. Even if he does, the impact on the project will be smaller. From another perspective, if both sides of the design and operation agree that it's right, the designer should also strongly support the operation to promote the modification, Because this is also a good opportunity for the growth of design, learning and operation opinions, which is not more beneficial to oneself. It is also proposed that the operation team should have perseverance, and those who feel reasonable should not drown their own ideas because of one denial. Believe it, find the right method and communicate more with the design.


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