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Water Parks Function at Scenic Areas Under Market Competition

Water Parks Function at Scenic Areas Under Market Competition

Haisan Company—the water park equipment manufacturer, think in the fierce competition, the water park will have the following three functions:

1. Enrich the product system in the tourist area, meet the need of variety consumption.
Because of the difference of tourist resource and market environment, the product in the tourist area is different. Water Park can be one of the core product of tourist due to its unique consumption experience. For example, the Hengdian Studio Water park built by Haisan Company make the Hengdian Studio Town more attractive, and meet the demand of variety consumption, and promote the tourist brand.

2. Differentiation experience and season complementarity, enhance the attraction in the tourist area.
Water Park is different with other tourist product. It is played with water, such the wave pool, water slide, water house etc. so it has the irreplaceable function; it is very popular that it can satisfy the summer tourist and kid play, also the family resort and amusement requirement. 

3. Increase the passenger flow, reduce the relative cost, and expedite the investment return
Summer is the busy season for tourist area, and passenger flow in the tourist area will have a big elasticity, so the product which can adopt more passengers will be most popular. Water Pak have such function. the equipment such as kid pool, water house, water slide and lazy river can adopt more passengers with the less cost, which is approved by different tourist area. With more passengers and less cost, the investment return will be in short time.
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