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What Problems Are More Likely to Occur During the Construction of Indoor Swimming Pool?

What Problems Are More Likely to Occur During the Construction of Indoor Swimming Pool?

Among aqua park equipment, such as indoor swimming pool equipment, the technology is simple and mature, so design details are often overlooked. Although many indoor swimming pools use advanced equipment, they ignore many details, and the results are not ideal. So, what problems are more likely to occur in the construction of general indoor swimming pool equipment? Let's discuss it together.

1. How to choose the material of the pipeline

There are many pipes in the swimming pool and should be treated differently. At present, there are two ideal pipes, one is U VPC pipe, socket bonding, the advantage is light weight and convenient construction, the disadvantage is that the interface is not temperature resistant; the other is One kind is the thin-walled copper pipe, which is reliable in welding, stable in water quality, not easy to scale on the inner wall of the pipe, but the cost is higher. The heating system should have a reliable temperature control device. If the circulating filter system with higher water pressure uses copper pipes, it is more ideal to use U VPC pipes for others. U PVC pipe must be firm and reliable, otherwise it will shake under pressure.

2. How to absorb dirt at the bottom of the pool

There are many ways to clean the bottom of the pool: use a brush to move toward the suction port. This method is relatively simple, but the effect is not good. The brush will also disturb the sediment because the brush is moved. It can also be cleaned by siphoning or pumping. It is necessary to move the suction pan in the pool, which is inconvenient to operate, and the loss of pool water is also large; it is ideal to use the circulation system to add a suction head to achieve the bottom of the pool. The advantage of this method is that the existing system is used and the additional equipment is less. Secondly, the dirt suction device, hose and push rod are all plastic products, and the operation is very light. The bottom dirt can be effectively intercepted in the sand tank, and the effect is good.

3. Water quality

Urban tap water cannot meet the water quality standards of swimming pools and needs further treatment. Practical results show that the use of alum treatment is not ideal. One is that the sedimentation time is long, and the other is that there are many sediments. It is necessary to inject a certain proportion of new water every day. Copper sulfate and other chemicals, after a period of time, the water will still turn green and moss on the pool wall; full-water swimming pools are better, using a balanced water tank to control the water level, often overflowing part of the surface water, because the water surface contains a small amount of oil, which is not full-water type swimming pool, a black belt will be formed on the top of the pool wall along the periphery of the water surface; the water treatment circulation system should ensure a certain flow rate, otherwise the treatment effect will be poor, and the pool will easily produce dead spots, which will also affect the heating speed.

4. Decoration materials

Due to the high humidity in the swimming pool room, various finishing materials should be carefully selected. Light-colored marble or glazed tiles should be used for the wall, paint or coating should not be used, non-slip floor tiles should be used on the floor, and granite should not be used; the ceiling should be aluminum or aluminum plastic board, avoid using wooden materials. Two points should be considered in the design of the roof grid: one is that the grid should be convenient for anti-corrosion treatment in the future, and stainless steel grids can be used for high-end swimming pools; the second is that the grid glass should be cleanable, especially for buildings along roads, where large areas of glass are very easy to collect dust . Stainless steel products are used for water inlets and outlets and ladders in the underwater part; plastic grilles are commonly used for overflow ditch covers, but such grilles are very difficult to clean.

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