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The Tetralogy of Warter Parks

The Tetralogy of Warter Parks' Maketing Promotion in Peak Period

No matter for the operator or the owner of water park, the peak period of water park is like rush-harvest in rice's harvest season, peak period is too short to waste. But now the peak period of water park has already lifted the curtain. In summer, fashion, cool and funny water park is a good place for people to take a summer holiday. So in order to occupy the market, marketing promotion for water park admits of no delay.

What kind of marketing promotion can attract more and more tourists for water park, that is what the owners and management teams are thinking about. So we will share some experience after years of research to start a discussion.

1. Aiming at your target market and customers of water market

It is so clear that the purpose of water park's marketing promotion is attracting customers. So that we should concentrate on carrying out bursting marketing promotion rather than cast a net aimlessly, then it will active market in your target market and attract many customers. Therefore, marketing promotion in peak period must aim at your target market and customers.

Firstly, we should lock the target market. Marketing promotion should be with a clear purpose like fighting a battle. General target market of regional water park takes towns in 2 hours drive as center. That is because of its products features. Single water park is a kind of regional tourism product, short-distance travel, high tourism resorts and small group travel are its important characteristics. Market irradiation loop of regional water park is in 2 hours drive, its irradiation loop will be shrunken if it is out of range. Therefore, before marketing promotion, you should take out map and take highway, railway, rail transit as center, then you should mark the target market of water park.

Secondly, locking the nuclear customers who conform to your orientation in your target market: age, power of consumption, habits, ways and transportation of travelling and so on, so you can depict your nuclear customers and know their activity time, activity space, their power of consumption, their driving factors for travelling by analyzing your customers. That is the first step of your marketing promotion, knowing the following questions: Where are your nuclear customers of water park? Who are they? How much they are willing to pay for water park? What's their expectation to water park?

2. Knowing yourself as well as the enemy and do good marketing plans.

Doing good marketing plans needs to know yourself as well as the enemy, so that you can beat your enemies.

Knowing yourself means you should know: What are the features of your water park? What's the topic of your water park? What are the advantages of your products? What are the featured products? What's your brand positioning and core resource?

Know your enemy means know your competitors. What are the other similar water park products in your target market? Which projects are your most powerful competitor? What are their advantages and features? How about their price strategies?

Under situation of knowing yourself as well as enemy, combining the requirements of main customers and your advantages in topic, products and other aspects to make marketing strategies and come up with our powerful, different marketing strategies, advertisements ( jingle and advertisement pictures) and reasonable price strategies. This step is a footstone of marketing promotion, it should be considered before investment planning, but marketing promotion also need to be changed according to the present situation as time goes by.

Besides, the key point is marketing campaign in marketing promotion, marketing promotion that without campaign is boring and unattractive, so we should make plans for the  whole operating season in some festivals and other different special time. Constantly campaigns can stimulate market, activate customers and then reach the target of attracting customers.

3. Doing half the work and getting double the result if you use the promotion media correctly.

There is much media that can get to marketing promotion: TV, newspaper, broadcast and Internet, outdoor advertisements are vital, so we can get more kinds of them. Which one is the most effective in various ways? In fact, it needs great wisdoms for choosing a correct media, doing half the work and getting double the result if you use the promotion media correctly, in the contrary, you will waste extension fund. For regional water park, you should do the following points:

(1) Using the local media to advertise wisely, such as the local popular newspaper, TV station, broadcast and news web portals, especially focus on news transmission. That means spread news about water park by main media in the way of press conference and reporter open day.

(2) Doing good marketing promotion outdoors. Target market like bus stations, railway stations, bus bodies, taxis, road markings, street parade and LED in big shopping malls, guideboards that is connect with people every day, so it is important to get into people's life as a part of customer for market promotion.

(3) Doing marketing promotion by Internet and new media. Internet is becoming a part of our life gradually, Internet media and phone media are the important way for people to get information about everything. As a water park, young people should be the important customers, we can also say who get the Internet , he will be the winner.

Beside, new media now is the main force in marketing promotion, wechat and weibo now are important ways for promoting because of their low cost, good interactivity and clear targets, especially for many small and medium water park, they are lacking of promoting funds, so it is good for them to use new media and lower cost. If we can wisely use new media, it will achieve great results unexpectedly.

4. Providing good quality service and wining the reputation

Doing solid work and providing good service for customers, it is necessary as the above-mentioned points, even more important. Marketing promotion is a new start rather than an ending with attracting tourists to the water park.

Service quality is the most important thing when tourists come to the park, many kinds of service details will be a part of service quality in the process of serving, especially in the media age, everyone can be a news spokesman by their own feelings and come into being oral spreading. People will share their feelings with everyone in their wechat or weibo, this kind of marketing promotion is more infectious on the basis of trust between people. The influence on people is different by advertisements and by friends. That is why it is important for us to provide the good service for tourists.


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