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Refined water park management

Refined water park management

Refined water park management

 Investment in water theme parks and water parks is a very important part of tourism investment, and its development is also fast. However, the industry of water park has not developed to a mature stage in China. Most of the hundreds of water parks in China have been built in the last 5-8 years. In the past few years, a large number of industry rules and regulations have emerged that need to be gradually revised and improved. Now that domestic competition is becoming more and more fierce, it has prompted every water park investor and related personnel to make positive improvements. There are several reminders in operation management.

1. Refined talent allocation
 The key to the investment and operation of the water park is not only to choose the water park equipment. Among the factors affecting the profit and loss of the project, an efficient and sophisticated operation and management team is the most basic and important. So attracting talents, finding suitable management talents, and meticulous management are the keys to ensuring the operation of the water park. Ten people's paradise, one hundred people's paradise, five hundred people's paradise, and one thousand people's paradise. The method of leading teams is completely different, but the minimum requirements for management are the same. This minimum requirement is sixteen words: "Clear goals, clear responsibilities, clear rewards and punishments, beyond Bole."

2. Refined market analysis
Refined market analysis is an important means for water parks to make profits. For example, the project for the second phase of Shanghai Maya Beach was selected based on market research. I specially hired the paradise to do market research. What kind of project the market needs is implemented according to the market's guidance.
 The purpose of doing one thing determines the way we behave. Therefore, when discussing how to do market analysis, we must first make clear what the purpose of our analysis is. The answer is simple: draw valid analysis conclusions to guide our operations. Obviously, we need to define two words: valid. What conclusions are valid? Our first reaction was a correct, profitable conclusion. But it's not. Whether the conclusion is valid needs to be evaluated at the same time as the conclusion is made, and then executed if it is valid, and adjusted if it is invalid; what is correct is to evaluate the conclusion after the fact, if it is consistent with the market, it is correct, if it does not agree, it is wrong. The two are completely different. What we believe to be effective includes two levels: one is executable; the other is complete. These two points are the basic requirements, which must be achieved when the analysis is first performed and conclusions are reached. As for the accuracy necessary to make money, it can't be strictly required, but can only be continuously improved in learning.

3. Refined operation specifications
The operation of safety regulations is related to the operation of the entire water park. Every behavior in the operation has certain norms and requirements, and every employee should abide by such norms, so as to make the basic operation of the water park more standardized.

4. Refined security management
Safety is an eternal and undeniable factor in the water park. Accidental injuries in water parks are much higher than in land parks. Every day a lot of bruises, bruises and stings, the management staff should have a deep understanding. If tourists are hurt in the process of finding joy, the experience is very poor. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a safety management system for water parks, establish a business philosophy that safety is greater than heaven, innovate safety management, and innovate in safety management methods to make the management of water parks more stringent, standardized and refined.

5. Refined water quality management
 The essence of the water park is water. The safety of the water body is related to the operation of the water park, but also to the physical and mental health of tourists. Therefore, we must improve water quality and ensure water quality safety. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the safety of water quality, and the focus should not only be on recreation equipment.


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