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How to Prepare for the Opening of the Water Park After the Epidemic

How to Prepare for the Opening of the Water Park After the Epidemic

The sudden epidemic has brought a huge impact on the global tourism industry. It can be predicted that the operation pressure of water parks will be very big. Crisis is often accompanied by the advent of new opportunities. After the epidemic, all walks of life, especially the industries seriously affected by the epidemic, will face a reshuffle. Whoever can grasp the new opportunity, or make sufficient preparation before the new opportunity comes, will get the first chance and the magic weapon of final victory. So where is the opportunity of water park projects accompanied by the COVID-19 crisis? Let's talk about it.

As the operator of the water park project, what preparations and changes should we make?

1. Pay great attention to epidemic prevention and safety throughout the entire process of playing in the water park

a. Reduce the number of people queuing to buy tickets, allow tourists to buy tickets online as much as possible, and enter the park with e-tickets;

b. Limit the number of people who enter the park at the same time, and limit the number of people who play at the same time in the wave pools, water villages, children's pools, circulation rivers and other facilities with a large crowd;

c. Set body temperature measurement, disinfection, etc, before tourists enter the park and a certain play area;

d. Strengthen the health publicity and health image of staff, for example, they should wear green work clothes with staff health cards;

e. When tourists play with a single auqa-park equipment, they should register their names and wait to be called instead of waiting in the line, which not only improves the play experience but also makes it safer and healthier;

f. Water quality assurance, real-time monitoring and contract with a professional and authoritative water quality monitoring agency should be publicized. The real-time status of water quality should be announced online and on-site to reduce the psychological impact caused by water quality problems;

g. Add some interesting disinfection facilities, such as induction spray disinfection, interesting landscape wash basins, disinfection of foot baths or body bathing disinfection pools, etc.;

h. Add some interesting conceptual facilities related to health or immunity improvement, such as SFA facilities, whirlpool pools, traditional Chinese medicine bubble pools, etc.;

i. A small number of on-site health doctors and commonly used medical supplies should be equipped, allowing tourists to play at ease;

j. Other practices that allow tourists to dispel their doubts about safety and sanitation should also be adopted.

2. Inform visitors about the safety measures

The measures above for water parks are not enough to be taken and they must be advertised, especially at the water park project site and in front of the gate of the scenic spot, on the website, and even during the process of publicity and promotion, so that tourists and their families can be sure that it's safe and reassuring to come and play.

3. The regular opening planning of our water park projects should also be done well

a. Debris removal, pickling, wet grinding, polishing, cleaning and waxing on the water slide;

b. Overhaul, cleaning and testing of pumps and road systems;

c. Water slide test skiing and inspection of riding kayaks;

d. Inventory inspection of spare parts;

e. Job recruitment and training of employees, etc.

4. Improve the water park equipment

Under the premise of sufficient funds for water park projects, part of the budget can be allocated to the upgrading and reconstruction of the park, trying to make tourists who have been here before come to feel refreshed and give tourists in the core market area a reason to come and play again. This upgrade can be to add some water park equipment, or to make some theme landscapes, or even repaint or add some patterns. The details also depend on the situation of capital and market competition. Generally speaking, we recommend a small reform every year and a major reform every three years.

5. Keep a thrift ethos of the management team

In the operation management team of water park projects , it is necessary to inculcate the daily work style of cost saving, especially in the aspects of personnel, financing, and medicine. When the business is good, the money saved is profit; when the business is not good, the money saved is the cost of survival. Therefore, whether under the epidemic or not, the daily work style of cost saving is very important.

Different people have different opinions on the operating situations of water park projects after the epidemic. Some are pessimistic while others are optimistic. Pessimism is the epitaph of pessimists, optimism is the passport of optimists, but no matter what, the turning point will always be left to those who are well prepared. Everyone comes from the water so it is human nature to like to play in the water. The things that customers like will never lose market opportunities. The key lies in wether you are ready to catch them.

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