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Key Points of Conceptual Plan Planning for Water Park Equipment - part two

Key Points of Conceptual Plan Planning for Water Park Equipment - part two

Equipment Selection

Selection of equipment is a key content. Like the water park, one of the core means of play is water park equipment, equipment selection in a sense, to a certain extent, determines the water park products. So what principles should we focus on in equipment selection? I think these principles must be concerned about:           

Combining Market Positioning with Market Demand           

We must dig the market demand thoroughly. Equipment is related to demand. For the family market, we can't choose all stimulating devices, for the young market, we can't choose all soft devices, for the vacation market, we can't choose all entertainment products, and the selection of equipment must be linked with the demand.           

Combining project positioning with investment scale           

Project positioning and investment scale also need to be matched. A certain investment scale means only how much money can be used for equipment, which is related.           

Combination of Classic Items and Brand Items           

If only choose most of the water park equipment, it will lead to no features, no bright spots, and no selling point in marketing. Therefore, every water park should have a brand project at last. With the brand project, the publicity will have important selling points, and the appeal to the market will be different.           

Combination of Entertainment and Stimulation            

No water park is a home market or a youth market alone, but which one is more important. In this case, the two types of projects must be combined. Even in the youth market, tourists need to relax in the process of playing. Stimulation items and entertainment items must be matched. The proportion of collocation is related to the market position, the structure of tourists and the rhythm of play.           

Therefore, in the process of equipment selection, we should pay attention to the proportion between entertainment equipment and stimulation equipment and leisure equipment. Combination of projects with large amount of entertainment and projects with small amount of entertainment.       

Items with large amount of entertainment are generally leisure-oriented. Items with small amount of entertainment are especially stimulating in principle. One of the biggest characteristics of water park is that all the equipment and entertainment is insufficient. Despite the fact that equipment manufacturers say that entertainment can reach 760/h, or even 1400, 1600, or at least 360, it is impossible to achieve. In general, the ability to cut in half means that your employees are very competent and efficient.           

But the garden can't put too much equipment. What about this situation? Tourists come, the amount of entertainment is so small, can not play the project how to do? We need some equipment with a large amount of entertainment. In principle, three classical equipment, such as wave-making pond, drifting River and lazy river, are necessary. And this volume can be as large as possible according to your market capacity comparison. For example, when I was in Shanghai, I made the largest wave-making pond in the world, 15,000 square meters. Why did I do that? Because when the number of tourists was judged to be tens of thousands in an instant, it had to be supported, otherwise there would be no place to play.           

Therefore, we should grasp the principle of combining projects with large amount of entertainment and projects with small amount of entertainment.

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