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How to Plan a Compound Water Park to Be More Competitive?

How to Plan a Compound Water Park to Be More Competitive?

Ⅰ. The design and planning of the compound water park are very important

After several years of rapid development, the compound water park project has gradually matured. After market research, how to make a reasonable design plan for the future compound water park market is very important. As long as the right method is selected, even a small compound water park can be more competitive. In the market research, we learned that if we want to make the compound water park more competitive, we need to pay attention to two points.

Ⅱ. How to plan a compound water park to be more competitive

First, it is to make it like a story.

1. Human-oriented emotional experience design

The compound water park design should follow the human-oriented principle, fully consider the children's sensory experience, pay attention to the emotional input of the design, and enhance the emotional factors of fun, challenge and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, to open a compound water park, while allowing children to play, it is necessary to leave room for their imagination, so as to generate interaction and resonance. The personal experience is often more moving.

2. Synthetic stimulation of comprehensive multi-element

It is children's nature to like the sound of knocking objects. In the device, through the injection of audition information, children can be brought into a more specific situation to experience the game itself, thereby enhancing the attraction to the game and forming a good interaction experience, only good-looking is not enough, only by fully mobilizing various elements can it be more attractive.

3. Improve the ability to tell stories

Storytelling and listening to stories are basic human abilities, and for children, they are absolutely attractive. By introducing storytelling, an environment can be created to promote and publicize the product, making the product context more dramatic and enhancing the experience process. Similar to general amusement, the compound water park is also to create a fairy tale-like amusement world for children, creating an enchantment that does not exist in the real natural world through models, equipment and technical means. Therefore, the sense of substitution is very important. There are stories and also market, which is unbreakable truth no matter in the amusement equipment industry or in other industries.

Second, make it with high creativity.

Since the fairy tale world is another world that does not exist in reality, it is of course better to be novelty, the sameness naturally loses interest, so the importance of originality should also be included. Pay attention to the harmonious harmony of the theme environment (including human environment and ecological environment), reflect its own unique insights, integrate architectural landscape and water landscape elements, and reflect the theme thought style in the detailed design through the elegant and comfortable environment art packaging. At the same time, the project design should be unique and novel, research and analyze the needs and feelings of consumer groups, plan and place unique and novel water amusement equipment and multi-functional entertainment projects, have its own two points and unique points among the peers, enhance business competitiveness, and also let customers feel the entertainment culture of water in all aspects. This is not only for children, but also for older customers, and it is easy to be infected.

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