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What are the creative themes do the successful water slide theme parks have?

What are the creative themes do the successful water slide theme parks have?

According to the information that there’s a very large space of development for the water slide theme park in the next few years, the following for the water park industry to present some of the world's most crazy water slide, let’s see what kind of interesting, fun and innovative water equipments that the successful water parks have.

Rainbow park water slide

Siam park city is a park with amusement park and water slide theme park. There are sandy beaches and a sea of artificial waves, a river-like flow pool, several long and exciting waterslides, and two runny swimming pools built in a circular structure. In addition to the 500-meter long spiral water slide, there are adventure rides such as pirate boats and circular water plows, and Thai cultural performances are often arranged in an amphitheater.

Citta del Mare level 4 water slide, telasini favarotta, Italy

The Citta del Mare iv water slide in Terrasini favarot-ta, Italy, is a bit different from the usual water slide theme parks. The hotel is located on the cliff, built against the mountain, overlooking the sea, and at the edge of the cliff, you can see a huge blue slide, divided into four levels, from the hillside to the sea, very spectacular. If you are brave enough, you can go straight down the slide into the Mediterranean!

Bali hard rock hotel, a perfect combination of pool and slide

Located in kuta beach, Bali hard rock hotel is the first hard rock hotel in Asia, with Bali's largest swimming pool as well as some water slides. In addition to a water slide, the hotel has 22 poolside cabins with tables, chairs and divans, as well as a stage for an outdoor performance, and accommodation costs 125 a night.

Do these waterslide theme parks have your heart racing? Indeed, we have been working hard to create a more fun waterslide theme park, the future of water slide theme park world will be more exciting.

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