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Water Park Equipment will enter an era of all-round transformation and upgrading

Water Park Equipment will enter an era of all-round transformation and upgrading

Almost every industry is the same, whenever the industry develops to a certain number, to a certain scale, the next thing facing is the comprehensive shuffling of the industry. Those with single variety, simple performance, low quality, small scale and extensive management will gradually withdraw from the market. Turn to excellent, personality, professional and other aspects of transformation and upgrading. Whether product or technology will go up to a higher level.

For water park, it will gradually enter the era of all-round transformation and upgrading of water park equipment and facilities, water park ultraviolet disinfector and other disinfection equipment, functional positioning, amusement experience, business model, etc. At the same time, personalized, compound and thematic water park will gradually become the highlight of investment and consumption, and the market of water park will be more divided and subdivided. In addition, in recent years, more and more stringent requirements for environmental assessment testing have gradually stabilized the outbreak stage of water park, and adjusted the normative nature of the industry in the development process. Water park can be divided into four basic types:           

(1) Holiday matching type, water paradise matching in tourist resort area;           

(2) Recreation complex type, water recreation area in large theme park;           

(3) Business supporting type, small water park in the commercial complex;           

(4) Single water park with independent operation capability.           

Whatever the type, in the process of investment and operation, we must have a global view on the spatial layout of the water park. We should be able to anticipate the physical and spatial form of the park environment, take into account its functions, economy and art, and cooperate with each other in the overall planning of the park to form an organic whole. Make the space environment of the park fully serve the theme.           

When establishing the type, content and style of the theme project, the water park should take into account the planning of the location of each theme area and the transition and separation between them. Only in this way can it truly create a beautiful natural environment and achieve a reasonable layout. It is often impossible for tourists to remain emotionally and physically engaged for a long time. Therefore, a successful water park needs to emphasize a rhythmic spatial sequence pattern of "prelude-climax-relaxation transition-climax" when organizing and separating areas, so that tourists can inadvertently enjoy themselves in different spaces.

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