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Trend of Water park equipment selection

Trend of Water park equipment selection

The selection of water park equipment basically contains these parts:
1, the wave pool
There are several types of wave pools:
(1) Regular penumatic wave pool;
(2) Stimulating tsunami waves;
(3) Mixed wave pool -penumatic&tsunami pool-in one pool body.

2, drifting river:
(1) The ordinary "lazy river" that is pumped by a water pump;
(2) Adding the “tidal drifting river” that makes waves on the basis of the lazy river;
(3) Extreme, which is both stimulating and safe.

3. Children's water play area:
There are mainly children's play-offs and children's slides, which can be roughly divided into 3-5 years old, 5-8 years old, and 8-12 years old. Due to the large proportion of family tourists and the low price of equipment investment in water parks, it is recommended that this part of the product be as rich as possible, especially the family-friendly double slide (a large person and a child play together), the current water park family parent-child area Product configuration is seriously inadequate.

4, interactive water house:
According to the project situation, the water pools with large, medium and small specifications and different themes can be configured according to the project.

5, according to the project situation, configure board surfing pool, spa pool, play sand pool, fish pond, music fountain and other products.

6. Regular slides: high-speed slides, rainbow slides, spiral slides, and wide slides.

7. According to the popularity of water parks equipment by tourists and the differentiation of project products, the combination, diversification and serialization of equipment will become the trend of product development, and it will also be the trend of equipment selection for new water parks.

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