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Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-3

Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-3

Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-3

Park type of theme park

1.     Regular parking

For the more common parking lot, the ground should be hardened and set according to the relevant specifications; it is suggested to set sidewalks on the side, with a certain height difference from the parking lot ground.

2.     Ecological parking lot

Relatively less, generally, there is a need for environmental protection and greening rate. Grass planting brick can be used. In some cities, it can be calculated as greening area, and there is a conversion situation, so when it comes to this kind of parking lot, it depends on your local requirements.

3.     Theme parking

Increase interest and richness. In some foreign scenic spots, some artists will be invited to do graffiti or painting competitions on the ground.

4.     Intelligent parking lot

High cost, less use of park, relatively common in some business districts.

For example, Shanghai Disneyland Resort has convenient transportation, with multiple municipal roads, two subway lines and two internal MRT planned. There are 9 parking lots officially announced by the resort, including P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, the resort parking lot and two emergency parking lots, as well as the public security office of the resort, Shendi ecological park and the small parking lot near Shendi North Road West Road.

Self driving tourists usually park in the holiday parking lot, because this is the comprehensive parking lot closest to the Disney entrance, which includes buses, cars, temporary boarding and alighting, barrier free parking lot, etc. there are charging stations and West Bus transportation around. Generally speaking, the only regret is that compared with other Disneyland parking lots, it is far away from the entrance There is no connection, you can only walk to it.


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