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On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-6

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-6

On the design and capital raising of theme park from the perspective of operation-6


Viewpoint three           

As a design unit, the designer will constantly require Party A to raise funds for its operation during the design process, while Party A will ask the designer, your design unit is professional, we have given you design fees, so you should design my project well.           

——I think it's self-evident that I have said so much about the above two points. The answer is yes. We must raise the capital. The design company is professional, but its people are also moving. The designer has not done the park operation. They go to investigate more about the industry. Whether the specific needs of the operation function are reasonable must be checked by their own operation team. But there is a problem that some designers don't understand the design of theme park at all, even the planning of scenic spots, and they don't understand how to arrange the simplest functions of tourist center. Such units that need operation and capital raising for each step of drawing are definitely unqualified and unusable design units, which can't do well even if the operation team is exhausted. Therefore, the premise of operation capital raising is that the design unit understands the planning and design of the theme park, and both parties can coordinate and advance. At the same time, the operation team of the owner also needs to understand capital raising, and both parties can assist each other. The first point emphasizes that a small number of operators have participated in the project planning as early as possible. The second point also talks about the importance of operation capital raising and how to do it well. In this point of view, the problem of capital raising team is emphasized again: it is up to professional people to do things, not just someone.           

From 2010 to 2019, a large number of theme parks have been built in China in the past ten years, forging a large number of talents for the industry. However, if we narrow down the scope, only the talents in the field of operation can experience the whole process of a large-scale project from the beginning to the end, and many employees are still in the post opening operation stage. In the past few years, there were many projects, lack of talents, and people with preparatory experience were most nervous. Now, it is still the same. As a result, the salary wave is higher than the wave wave. As a result, many people frequently change jobs, where to pay more and where to go. There are also many people who do a project well from the beginning to the end, but it is still insufficient for such a large market in China, and there are no less job hopping projects, However, the overall experience of complete and continuous projects is not much. Ten years seems to be a long time, but the real large-scale project, with good luck, can only do two at most. Because I have experienced the whole process of a large-scale project, and now I am doing the preparatory stage of a large-scale project in the early stage of construction, so the most I say to the team now is to cherish the project process and keep learning and accumulating, which means that the boss has spent billions of tuition to do the project What you learn from your eyes must be treasured. When you open the business, you will receive tourists day by day. There are not many opportunities to study again. Even some people experience it once in their lives.            Therefore, when deciding to be a theme park, in addition to the early involvement of the core team in the early stage, the team with experience in capital raising should be expanded in time in the design stage. No one can do it - for two reasons, on the one hand, it's said that different design units should be used for different disciplines in different stages of project design, and the same is true for raising funds. Only those who have experience in raising funds in the early stage of the project can better help design and do a good job in the project. In reality, it's impossible to recruit all those who have experience, which requires the establishment of a "teacher apprentice system" for the elderly Bring up more people. In this respect, well-known domestic cultural and tourism groups have done a good job. Some are state-owned enterprises and some are private enterprises. By the same token, they have their own mature theme park project management mechanism, and they can recruit professional teams to escort before and after the project. However, some local state-owned enterprises also have capital strength and are developing culture, tourism and real estate, but there is great resistance in the early stage. Because of the salary system of state-owned enterprises and the control of local government, they can't recruit professional teams with high salary like mature park enterprises. Therefore, most of the teams in the early stage of the project come from the preparation and deployment of the enterprise, and they are not familiar with the theme park, so the team will not be able to start the project Heart, in addition, to do a good theme park in the early stage requires a team of hundreds of people to do design, construction and operation preparations. State-owned enterprises will not recruit so many people in the early stage of the project due to the preparation and budget constraints, so many professional services in the early stage are outsourcing, but we also see that local state-owned enterprises are constantly exploring and changing the system mode to promote the project.           

When the design unit requires the owner to provide capital, the owner shall fully cooperate with the timely recruitment of a team capable of providing capital to escort the project.            As a veteran of the theme park, from the perspective of more healthy development of the theme park, there is no right or wrong in the above content, and there is no absolute right or wrong. Please do not take the right seat. If you think it's reasonable, listen to it. Because there are too many factors behind the results. Let's put those factors aside first. I'd like to let the investors eat less losses, walk less detours, strive to build a better theme park, operate well, and add an indicator for the domestic profit Park. Let Party B who serves the theme park project set up to spend Party A's money as well as his own Let's operators treat the park as their own park and treat tourists as guests.

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