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Three Elements of Water Park Equipment Design

Three Elements of Water Park Equipment Design

Whether it is a hot spring resort, SPA spa or Water Park Equipment, they are water-themed recreational resort water cultural venues. The design and planning of water park mainly includes the following points:

1. Define the theme

Determine the nature and theme of the planning project (style), rather than blindly playing with concepts, because consumers want to experience and experience, so they should highlight the theme and style.

2. Focus on environmental coordination

Focus on harmony and coordination with thematic environment (including human environment and ecological environment). The design of water park should embody its own unique views, incorporate architectural landscape and water landscape elements, and embody theme and style in details through elegant and comfortable environmental art packaging.

3. Clear zoning of functional areas

Step by step, the functional areas are set up so that tourists can be fully involved and intoxicated. Project settings should be unique and innovative, study and analyze the needs and feelings of consumer groups, set up unique and novel water park equipments and multi-functional entertainment projects, have their own bright spots and unique features in the same industry, enhance business competitiveness, and let tourists feel water entertainment in an all-round way.

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