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Water Park lighting is become more and more attractive in water park equipment

Water Park lighting is become more and more attractive in water park equipment

Water Park equipment night lighting is divided into: basic lighting, ambient lighting, entertainment lighting. Basic lighting usually refers to functional lighting to ensure the safety of tourists and basic illumination, including street lights, indicator lights, high pole lights, indoor lights, etc. Ambient lamp generally refers to the creation of night atmosphere. It uses the lamp band and point light source laid on the outline of trees, buildings and equipment to make the original trees, buildings and equipment show colorful visual effects through computer programming control, thus making the water park become colorful at night. The performance lights are professional lights that match the performance content and plot in the course of night performance, and they are an important part of the stage performance effect.

Water Park Night Stadium "Magic Two": Music           

Night lights bring people visual enjoyment, then music is the trigger to arouse people's emotional explosion! Happy melody, dynamic rhythm, with the enthusiastic and unrestrained dance of stage performers, let people instantly integrate into the crowd, can not help self-help with the rhythm of music twisting, singing and dancing. ..     

Water Park Night Stadium "Magic Three": Performing Arts           

The core element of the water park night scene is performance. The core area of the performance is generally the wave-making pool in the water park. When the night performance begins, almost all the tourists will concentrate on the wave-making pool area, enjoy the exciting surfing while enjoying the stage performance. With the guidance of the host, let out a scream, all the pressure can be released heartily.   

In recent years, the water park night show has become more and more rich in content and exciting programs. From the hot foreign folk songs and dances, to the stars, net hong, live bands, audio-visual parties, Fire Dance shows, water shows, water shows, special performances, virtual reality projection, etc., emerge in endlessly, constantly stimulating the sensory nerves of tourists. It should be noted that the volume of the water park should be properly controlled according to the location of the park, so as to avoid the impact on the surrounding residents.

Water Park Night Stadium "Magic Four": Fireworks           

Fireworks have been used for a long time. People usually watch fireworks in the sky on major festivals. In order to enrich the entertainment atmosphere and arouse tourists'emotions, water park also introduces fireworks into the night performance of water park. Generally, fireworks are released as the opening and climax part of the night performance of water park, which can instantly detonate the whole audience and have a good performance effect. It should be noted that the use of cold fireworks is recommended because of its low ignition temperature, smokeless, relatively safe and will not pollute the water quality of the amusement park.

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