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Made in China water park equipment to replace  imported equipment will be the general trend of building water park

Made in China water park equipment to replace imported equipment will be the general trend of building water park

In the early stage of the development of Yaoxiang Water Park, China manufacturers mainly rely on imitating manufacturing or introducing technology. The China water park equipment manufacturing industry is relatively weak. Many large and medium-sized water park projects have introduced huge amounts of foreign high-techwater park equipment, which has resulted in a huge economy for Chinese water parks. Leakage. Therefore, China water park equipment manufacturers have begun to develop water park equipment with independent intellectual property rights, which has continuously improved the level of localization of water park equipment.

With the development of water parks, China manufacturers' manufacturing technology has been greatly improved, and international top brands of gel coats, resins and other raw materials have entered China. At present, the quality of water slides of domestic first-class manufacturers is very close to the level of international first-class companies. As a domestic representative equipment manufacturer (Haisan Amusement), even at the expense of a huge investment in introducing the most advanced five-axis linkage CNC gantry high-speed processing equipment from Italy, while continuously improving technology, applying the most advanced RTM technology in the industry to equipment production .

Now almost all large-scale high-end water park equipment can be produced in China, and the production capacity can basically meet the development needs of the domestic market. At the same time, it has entered the international market and has a certain share. Some of the world’s first large-scale new domestic water park equipment series products can also be successfully developed and applied according to the individual needs of customers, demonstrating the progress, capability and level of my country’s water amusement manufacturing industry, and also explaining domestic water park equipment manufacturing The industry has made great progress and outstanding achievements.

At present, domestic large, medium and small water parks are increasingly keen to adopt domestic equipment, because domestic equipment has several natural advantages over imported equipment:

1. Price: In terms of price, the price of domestic equipment is only one-fifth to one-third of imported equipment. Purchasing domestic equipment can greatly reduce the investment cost of water parks, reduce investor pressure, and avoid financial constraints;

2. Design: The domestic equipment is mainly for domestic tourists, and its design is obviously more in line with the domestic tourists' play needs than imported equipment;

3. Transportation and installation: Generally speaking, it will take longer to purchase imported water park equipment, transportation and installation. In terms of transportation, many foreign large-scale water park equipment manufacturers have relatively long transportation time due to geographical problems. In terms of installation, it is difficult to arrange installation technicians and water park equipment accessories cannot meet the installation requirements. Therefore, relatively speaking, the procurement of domestic water park equipment has a short transportation cycle and quick and convenient installation, and the problem of equipment accessories is also easy to solve. It can further save investors the time tobuild water parkwithout affecting the opening;

3. After-sales service: Domestic manufacturers have a complete after-sales service system, and after-sales service such as repair and maintenance can be quickly responded.

China’s water park equipment manufacturing industry has grown out of nothing, and its R&D and manufacturing levels have been continuously improved. The gap with the international advanced level has been narrowing. At the same time, the scale and capabilities of the industry have also been growing. I believe that Made in China water park equipment will replace imported equipment in the future is the trend.

More on Guangzhou Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology Co., Ltd-the No.1 in waterpark design, engineering, manufacturing, installation in China. Over 18 years later, we are the most trusted name inwater park equipmentindustry in China, having developed over thousands projects in China and overseas, including 5 of the China’s top 10 water parks and many others in East European, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and so on.

Haisan is the top and most professional water park manufacturer in China which specializes in planning, design, manufacturing and installation of equipment, landscape gardening construction and operation (management) service for water park project. In Conghua and Shaoguan, , we have built two manufacture base with total 120,000sqm area and more than 500 staffs, which covers fiberglasswater slideworkshop, steel structure workshop and sculptures.

Haisan have one professional team with over 200 experts who specialize in theme park planning, engineering, landscaping, R&D for water park equipments, engineering construction. Some of them have over 20 years of industry experience. Haisan focus not only on beautiful design but also functionality and economic profitability. Haisan is committed to providing the best-quality product and service by investing in continuous research and development. Haisanhave specially established water park equipment research center which has got the strongest ability for design and research and more than 50 patents obtained. We are also a member of IAAPA and National Aquatic Entertainment Facility Standard Unit and 3 technical staffs from our company who set the GB/T18168-2008 standards (Specifications of water amusement equipment category). Haisan is the unique company in water park equipment filed, which is reported by CCTV - the most credibility media, as the brand enterprise of "Made In China".

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