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Analysis Before Start Water park slide

Analysis Before Start Water park slide

There is general agreement that the water park slide development process begins with the preparation of a market and financial feasibility study.  So, what is a feasibility study and what is intended to accomplish?

First, let us define the term, feasibility.  The dictionary defines feasible to mean doable.  Given this definition, then, feasibility can refer to many issues.  Not only can feasibility refer to market and financial feasibility, it can also refer to a variety of other issues, such as political feasibility, physical feasibility, etc.  The one factor that all of these various types of feasibility have in common is that a project must be feasible in every respect in order for a project to be successful.  However, in this discussion, we are only concerned with one type of feasibility:  market and financial feasibility.

So what is the feasibility study supposed to accomplish?  Basically, the feasibility study should address two major issues:
(1) what is the attendance potential of a proposed water park; and
(2) what is its likely financial performance?  The first issue is addressed in the market study segment of the feasibility study, while the second issue is addressed in the financial analysis.

Water park slide
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