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Four Key Points to Invest in Aqua Park Facilities

Four Key Points to Invest in Aqua Park Facilities

What is the cooperation process between aqua park equipment and manufacturers?

Communication of project situation - on-site survey - research and planning - review of design and plan of equipment production - determination of engineering budget and investment amount - deepening design and equipment production - construction organization and equipment installation - equipment commissioning and operation training, after-sales service and management consultation.

How much area and investment is needed to build a water park?

The area and investment of a water park are not fixed. In order to achieve profitability and increase value, it is necessary to make a rational investment analysis based on the local market and on-site resources, and to create unique features and attraction. With sound internal management and marketing, the project can achieve profitability and value increment.

How can the aqua park equipment project be planned to achieve good results?

According to design experts with years of industry experience, one big mistake in investing in aqua park equipment is blindly pursuing novelty and scale without considering the market. This is often a cause of failure and depreciation of water parks. The four key points that must be addressed to achieve good profitability and value increment in water parks are:

  • It must be in line with the local market;

  • It must have attraction and unique features;

  • It must be marketed well;

  • It must have an excellent internal management system.

How to minimize the investment risk in a aqua park equipment project?

To reduce the risk, it is vital to plan the investment professionally and avoid blindly pursuing novelty and scale. According to years of research on water parks, the proportion of water amusement equipment selection in the success or failure of a project is no more than 50%. Rather, the investment plan, operation management and market promotion play a more crucial role in the success of water park projects. Hence, it is important to have a comprehensive and long-term profit solution for water park investment to minimize investment risk.

Haisan owns manufacturing bases of approximately 120,000 square meters in Conghua, Guangzhou, and Xinfeng, Shaoguan. The production process follows the 6S standard scene management and ISO 9001 system to ensure safety and product quality. All equipment molds are made using five-axis CNC gantry high-speed machine tools, and the fiberglass adopts the latest RTM technology, with quality reaching world-class levels. Feel free to consult with us, if necessary.

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