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How can the water park equipment win at the starting line?

How can the water park equipment win at the starting line?

To plan and design a water park, you must first understand the water park. Water parks have properties such as large location and seasonal impact, low investment threshold and fast cost recovery. But even so, we must pay attention to the planning and design of the water park, and reasonable planning and design can achieve maximum benefits under a limited capital budget. Of course, a water park can not only rely on good planning and design to succeed, but planning and design is at the forefront. Good design is the beginning of a successful water park!
What is a water park?
Water Park offers water attractions and closed rides, which generally include the following sections:
1. A slide, paddling pool or wave pool for adults;
2. Relax leisure pool, spa pool, drifting river;
3. Dry area (designed for adults, with tables and chairs, bar, etc.);
4. Children's activity areas;
5. Children's slides, game areas;
6. Supporting facilities (sales, paradise information, catering, commercial sales, first aid, lost and found, etc.);
Let's take Disney's Blizzard Beach as an example to explain the structure of the water park and introduce the function and distribution of each component.

Tourist Service Center
Function: The visitor service center is located at the entrance, and generally includes ticket information, paradise information, disabled services, lost children's recruitment, lost and found, emergency room, etc.
Location: The Visitor Service Centre is located at the entrance and needs to be open to both parties. Visitors can enter before and after entering the park to get help.

Wave pool
Function: The wave pool is the standard of the general water park, and the wave pool is also the core attraction and distribution center of the water park equipment. There are plenty of leisure seats around the wave pool.
Location: The wave pool is generally located at the exit of the water equipment, and there are many roads leading to the wave pool area.
Planning and design points: wave height; wave pool shape (usually fan-shaped); wave pool depth; wave pool slope.

Wave pool
Wave pool - tsunami pool

Water slide
Function: Water slide is the main type of equipment for water parks. There are many types of slides, and the stimulated slides must not be less. However, in addition to the stimulated slides, family-type slides are needed to meet the needs of people of all ages. .
Location: The slides need to be considered to control the flow of people, and the layout is arranged to avoid crowding the centralized slides.
Planning and design points: equipment selection considers equipment price, altitude, target customer group, slope and so on.

Water slide
Water slide - the legendary slide of the dragon

Drifting river
Function: There is a large tourist capacity, which can be segmented with different water flow speeds. The Drift River also assumes the function of transporting tourists in the water park, which can send tourists to different attractions.
Location: The drifting river in the Disney Blizzard Water Park case is surrounded by the entire park and has a layout that surrounds only part of the park. The drifting river needs to set up multiple entrances and exits, but not as many as possible. For example, the total length of the drifting river in the blizzard is 914 meters, and a total of 7 entrances and exits are set, that is, one is set every 130 meters.
Planning and design points: drifting river length; width; tourist capacity; theme and fun (both sides of the drifting river).

Drifting river
Drifting River - Lazy River

Children's area
Function: Provide children with a play area that is not affected by other attractions, and can meet the needs of families to play together.
Location: Close to the center of the park so parents can see the children at all times. But it must be separated from the attractions of adult tourists.
Planning and design points: Set the length of the ramp and the depth of the pool according to children of different ages. Able to meet the needs of young children and school-age children.

Children's area
Children's area - water house

Supporting facilities
Features: including licensed retail outlets; restaurants; gift shops; restrooms; security. A variety of food and gifts are available. Make sure visitors have easy access to the locker room and washroom.
Gift shop: It is best to set up at the entrance of the park (no one wants to walk around with a gift in the water park, sun protection products can cover the whole park)
Restaurant: Set at a meeting point, such as a small square in the park, preferably near the entrance, providing plenty of seating.
Security: Set in the area close to the entrance, it is a good way to monitor visitors to and from the park. Usually the security room will have the function of losing and attracting.
Washroom: It is arranged in an area convenient for tourists, such as the front door position, around the children's area, the amusement equipment exit location, and the dining area.
Planning and design points: Set the length of the ramp and the depth of the pool according to children of different ages. Able to meet the needs of young children and school-age children.

Road network system
Function: All the roads surround the whole park and are convenient and fast. The winding path is not suitable for the paradise of the water park. All roads need to be connected and directional, ensuring that there are no broken roads and that multiple roads lead to the same attraction.
Planning and design points: The entrance area roads ensure sufficient width to meet the peak crowd flow and evacuation purposes. Ensure that all road systems are connected.

water park
HAISAN water park equipment

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