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Night tour economy

Night tour economy

Since 2019, the continuous hot word "night tour economy" has become an important project highly concerned and developed by many cities. This is an important engine driving a new round of economic development of the city and scenic spots. The local governments continue to launch support policies for the development of night economy, and cities across the country are lighting up new business cards of "Night Tour". This is not only for tourism, but also for water parks(water slides).

With the continuous development of social economy and the upgrading of tourism industry, the traditional "here to visit" mode can no longer meet the needs of tourists. Destinations need more tourism products and attractions to retain tourists. Night tourism economy has just become a new driving force for the transformation and upgrading of destination tourism. At the same time, it also forms different cultural characteristics of different places, which lays the foundation for the upgrade of night tour.            

The development of night tour project should judge the market demand, and consider comprehensively its own market basis, accommodation facilities, location advantages, holiday functions, scenic resources and other aspects. In terms of industry management, business ideas, product creation, content creation and other aspects, we should make market positioning in combination with our own characteristics. It can adapt to the development of the market and present the trend characteristics of systematization, diversification, scientificization, artistry and diversification.

The large-scale theme park or water slides with cultural IP as its theme can develop a variety of theme activities such as eating, living, entertainment, large-scale performance, interactive entertainment and other high-tech shock experience scenes for a long time.

Night tourism is an important part of cultural tourism and night economy. For a city and scenic spot, the connotation and extension of culture is far greater than tourism. Tourism is a part of culture and one of the carriers of culture. Culture is the core and soul of tourism. The integration of culture and tourism is based on the carrier of tourism activities to explore its cultural IP value.           

Based on its own culture, history, cultural customs, regional characteristics, etc., the development of night tourism in the scenic area can develop featured tourism projects, enhance the cultural and artistic charm of night tourism, and develop specific charm of the scenic area night tourism system, bringing new vitality to the scenic area.           

In the construction of night tour project system, it is also possible to develop corresponding theme amusement products, activities and supporting facilities and services around the core brand of scenic IP.

With the higher participation and consumption of tourists, the demand for night tourism tends to be diversified. Urban landscape lighting, building lighting, lighting show, water show, lighting interactive device, tourism performance, immersive experience and other classic night tourism projects bring great attraction. Extend the viewing time, form the spread of word-of-mouth, and increase the popularity.

In addition, the scenic spot can also add AI, VR, AR, virtual reality, cloud tourism and other digital art technology projects, leisure and entertainment interactive experience and other tourism projects. And water parks can combine these to water slides and make them special and attractive spot, even a landmark for the resort or city.

The theme park, hotel, homestay, restaurant and cultural experience built according to the IP of the scenic spot are all part of the night tour system. The full set of night tour projects with multi-point flowering make tourists linger and forget to return, and include "Night Tour" as a must play project.

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