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strategy to manage and build water park

strategy to manage and build water park

theme park(water park)s usually have monthly fluctuations, that is, some months of the year are peak periods. We usually know that golden week is a peak time for visitors to the park, and summer vacation is a peak time for theme park(water park)s. So there may be some differences between the north and the south in seasonal fluctuation rules. For example, in the northern theme park(water park)s, we have some theme park(water park)s that can't be opened in winter. Probably no one will ride a roller coaster in the coldest days of December and January in the chilly wind. Equipment like this may be closed in winter, or parks like this may be in winter It's going to be shut down. But in summer, especially during the summer vacation, it must be a peak season, and every golden week we talk about must also be a peak season. This is its rule. In fact, every park can be predicted.

For a week, every weekend is the peak season, which is also a rule. But what's the difference? We say that on weekdays (not golden weeks), the number of tourists on Saturdays is the highest, while the number of tourists on Sundays is relatively small, which is related to the travel habits of the Chinese people. In the weekdays, the number of tourists in the weekdays (not golden weeks) is usually relatively low.           

The rule of golden week may be different from that of normal week. Golden week is usually the first day, and the number of tourists is the highest on the second day. Why? This has something to do with the market of theme park(water park)s, which usually attract tourists within a two-hour drive. Of course, some theme park(water park)s, such as Disneyland, may have some special tourists willing to come from a relatively long distance (medium and long distance), but the proportion of these tourists will not be particularly high, but there will be. But for most theme park(building water park)s, its main market is within a two-hour drive around the city. Within the two-hour driving range, in fact, the main markets can go back and forth on the same day. You can arrive on the first day of the holiday and come back the next day. A larger theme park(water park) or several theme park(water park)s gather together. For some parks like Guangzhou Changlong, I may have to play for two days. The peak period may last for two days. For most people, the peak of tourist flow may be the day before or the next, which is the rule of golden week.

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