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Theme landscape packaging design for water park equipment

Theme landscape packaging design for water park equipment

With a large amount of capital entering the water park, the investment and development boom has started. The total number of water parks currently owned by China has basically reached saturation. The demand for water park equipment has also shifted from the initial pursuit of irritability and singularity to the theme and individualization, and then put forward higher requirements for interactivity and experience.

Since the water park equipment manufacturer has clear national technical standards and specifications, there are strict requirements in terms of length and slope design. Most of the amusement facilities are similar in appearance. Therefore, relying on pure equipment stacking obviously can not show the unique style and atmosphere of the water park and meet the tourists' higher demand for interactivity and experience. The theme landscape packaging design can connect the amusement equipment, architecture, supporting, etc. through story clues and content, injecting soul into the boring equipment and architecture, giving a strong vitality, making the entertainment experience of visitors more three-dimensional and visual impact.

The successful theme landscape packaging design should not be just a pile of strange landscapes, but should be closely related to the story of the design. The theme idea is the first step in the design of the water park landscape packaging. Under the complete story clues, the packaging of the park facilities and the building package is meaningful.

Scene setting is an important carrier of the theme story. Every corner should be part of the story. The theme packaging without the dead ends can perfectly display the theme style and let the tourists be there.

1. Hengdian Dream Valley Water World

The theme of Hengdian Dream Valley Water World is based on the theme of One Thousand and One Nights Story. It is based on the geographical features of the Mediterranean region, incorporating marine culture, using water-related plots and water park landscape functions, as small as a childrens paddling pool. Use the story of the "Sinbad Shipwreck" as a clue to set up water sprays such as corals, jellyfish, scallops, and mermaids.

2. Suzhou Paradise Forest Water World

Suzhou Paradise Forest Water World is the first forest theme water park in the country. It is designed to firmly grasp the difference of the true mountain forest. The planning, landscape packaging and project naming have made forest articles, and there is a tropical leisure area. There are four major thematic areas of the Bugs and Rainforest Joy Zone, the Rhythm Seaside Carnival Area and the Mysterious Forest Adventure Zone. Each of the world's top water projects in each theme area has forest features. The park has a valley drifting river, a storm valley, and a jungle tornado. Projects such as slides, such as the slides, and the fun water recreation facilities such as the Elf Water House and the Colorful Ladybug Nest create a forest water city space that is close to nature and fantasy.

3. Suzhou Bay Water World

The theme of Suzhou Bay Water World is the Penguin Adventure Tour of Madagascar. The design focuses on the vivid theme of rainforest geography, humanities, architecture, and ecological landscape. The architectural design fully absorbs the elements of rainforest culture and marine culture. Visitors are placed in the fierce tropical rainforest resort atmosphere, which combines the scene experience with the holiday leisure and effectively realizes the tropical world of leisure and leisure.

Different water park projects, the theme landscape packaging design can be tailored according to their own positioning and investment budget. In the situation that the market is becoming saturated, the theme landscape packaging design will become the key to the competition of the water park competition. The operating benefits of Hengdian Dream Valley Water World and Suzhou Paradise Forest Water World are confirmed.

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