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Water park marketing from HAISAN water park equipment builder

Water park marketing from HAISAN water park equipment builder

Water park is the first choice for urban people to spend their holidays and leisure. According to statistics, there are more than 1,000 water park projects under construction or built in China. The competitive environment is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to gain competitive advantage in many water park equipment, good marketing means and methods are needed.           

1. Find the market positioning and unique selling points           

The market orientation and unique selling point of water park determine its consumer group, so it is necessary to think about it in the investment strategy of the project. If the preliminary planning and positioning work is not done well, it will be very difficult to "remedy" later, so good investment planning and planning design are very important.           

2. Make a Good Pricing System for Products           

Through the comprehensive analysis of the location advantage, traffic environment, population density, consumption level and the homogeneous competitive products around the project, the price system in line with the project is formulated.           

3. Do a good job in brand communication of Water Park           

The management of water park belongs to the service industry. Word of mouth in the service industry is very important, exaggeration can be said to be the lifeblood. How to spread good word-of-mouth widely and let the public know it?           

(1) Through New Media           

Through self-media, mobile social networking sites, that is, network promotion, such as popular micro-mail, circle of friends, micro-blog, QQ group, paste bar, Baidu Knows, and other community communication, and combined with some well-known portals and forums, blogs to report and disseminate.           

(2) Disseminating events by creating media events           

The main purpose is to invite some influential stars or hold various water sports competitions, so that the water park can attract the attention of the media, and to report these events on TV or newspapers or the Internet, so as to attract more people's attention, so as to improve the popularity and exposure of the water park.           

(3) Promotion through advertising           

Advertising in some crowded places such as shopping malls, buses, elevators and so on, so as to let as many people as possible know your water park.           

4. Developing suitable marketing channels for water park           

To promote the marketing of water park, we should cooperate with the travel agencies of the tourist origin, with the local units and enterprises in the radiated areas of the market, give them certain conveniences and preferences, let them have the desire to play, and also through the network B2C platform (Tianmao, Taobao, Ctrip, beauty troupe) and some powerful group purchases. Businessmen cooperate to promote their products and services.  

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