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What are the requirements for water park construction?

What are the requirements for water park construction?

1. The location and scale of water park construction is very important.
The location of water park should be convenient for transportation, and the scale should be based on the local traffic flow, consumption level and the management team of the local people, do not imitate and invest blindly.

2. Equip with water park equipment suitable for all ages.
There are less and less single-function water park equipment in recent years, they mostly tend to be large complex equipment and family social consumption. Therefore, the operator of the water park equipment should pay more attention to family consumer groups, equip more water park equipment that suitable for both young and old . And to avoid repeated piled up equipment to reserve enough space for the secondary development. The best way is to configure the water park equipment that can be opened all the year round so as to extend the business life of the water park. More detailed requirements on water park construction can be found in the  Tianxin Entertainment Equipment Co., Ltd

3. Pay attention to the details during construction

After the inspection and acceptance of water parks, the probability of accidents is minimal if they are used correctly according to the operation instructions. Ignoring the details in the process of construction is the biggest reason for the frequent injuries of tourists. Slipping and falling injuries caused by poor anti-slip measures are the most accidents in the water park, followed by scratches and bumps --- the edges and crevice are the hidden dangers of the tourists. Therefore, we must strictly deal with all places where tourists may will contact with during the construction of water parks, so as to ensure the safety of tourists.

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