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Water park marketing from HAISAN water slide supplier

Water park marketing from HAISAN water slide supplier

Marketing mainly includes activity planning, brand publicity and channel development marketing, through the effective combination of the three, to achieve the ultimate market from HAISAN water slide supplier. One is activity planning. Every theme park, water park, especially water park, has a relatively short annual operating period. In such a short period of time, the building of festival activities is more important. The building of festival activities needs to pay attention to several principles:           

1. To do the activities needed by the market, on the one hand, they are liked by tourists, and on the other hand, they are concerned by the media.           

2. Make a resonant activity to touch people's hearts and resonate with tourists.           

3. To keep pace with the times, we need to seize the real-time social hot spots and bright spots in the operation process of the theme park. We need to make use of the market hot spots to create momentum and borrow momentum. For example, last year, Maya Water Park in Shanghai and the hot variety "Qihua Shuo" jointly created on-site activities, and Coca-Cola made a meeting with Lin Junjie in Maya Water Park in Shanghai. All these activities relied on the hot market. Points have achieved good momentum.           

4. We should highlight our own characteristics and do branding and differentiating activities. Maya Water Park based on Maya theme, Maya positioning, these years to create a "Maya Carnival" brand; on the basis of water park, also do the brand of Xialang Music Festival, such as Wuhan Water Park in the past two years are also doing their own brand of syllables.           

5. In the process of doing activities, we should do the activities of integrating resources, which emphasizes the integration of market and resources. Shanghai Happy Valley has cooperated with Shanghai Television Station for many years to organize water customs clearance activities, realizing online and offline interaction, tourists participating in activities online and offline, television stations recording, broadcasting in the media every night, realizing the linkage between the media and scenic spots.       

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