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Talking about the price of water park equipment

Talking about the price of water park equipment

Water park investors are very concerned about the price of water park equipment, because the price quotes of water park equipment manufacturers are not uniform, even if the same or similar water park equipment offer has such a big difference. At different times, the price of water park equipment manufacturers is slightly different. We are also extremely concerned about the price issues that many water park investors care about. Water park equipment and other manufacturing industries are similar, and prices are basically divided into materials, processing costs and labor costs.
Let's answer a few questions about the quotation of water park equipment.

1. Why is the equipment cost of the expedited project water park slightly higher than other time periods?
Expedited water park projects will increase the cost of equipment and manpower, so water park equipment prices may increase. For example, according to the national labor law, the labor cost of overtime work is one of them; the water park equipment raw material supplier will also have such a situation; therefore, it is reminded that the water park investors must have a plan timetable and a water park. The equipment manufacturer negotiated the construction period in detail.

2. Why are there large differences between large (brand) water park equipment manufacturers and small water park equipment manufacturers?
As we all know, large (brand) water park equipment manufacturers are generally slightly higher than the small water park equipment manufacturers (not qualified), but after a period of investigation, investors often choose large (brand) water Paradise equipment manufacturers. Why is this? The reason is very simple, that is, the product quality and follow-up services of large (brand) water park equipment manufacturers are guaranteed. Special equipment is different from ordinary goods, and qualified quality and service are all supported by cost. Therefore, in the long run, the price of large (brand) water park equipment manufacturers is more affordable and reliable than small manufacturers.

3. What is the price trend of water park equipment?
With the maturity of domestic water park equipment manufacturing technology, the quality of water park equipment is improving while the overall price is relatively stable. In the past few years, the demand for water park equipment was large, while the water park equipment manufacturers were few. The price had a short-term rise and then remained relatively stable. In recent years, there has been a trend of price reduction. According to the current trend, with the upgrade of manufacturing technology, the price of water park equipment is estimated to continue to decrease. However, it is worth reminding the investors in the water park that they should not wait until the price of the water park equipment is lowered before buying. After all, the water park market will be saturated, and the equipment life cycle is long (10-15 years), so it is necessary to aim at the market. It is advisable to find a chance and be decisive.

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