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Improvement of Safety Measures for Water Park Equipment

Improvement of Safety Measures for Water Park Equipment

1. Measures to confirm the status of water park equipment in operation.

2. One of the major differences in the operation of most water park equipment for sale in mobile game projects is that the departure of tourists/rafts is determined by the operator of the equipment platform.

3. When the operator repeats the same operation, the easiest thing to happen is the collision caused by the operator's misjudgement.

4. Accurately judging the condition of the slideway and the sink has become an important work for the operation safety of the facilities.

In order to help operators accurately judge the operation status of batch tourists and confirm the safety interval, we use the following methods at the same time:

A: The flag confirms that visitors can safely reach the sink.

B: Platform monitoring can directly observe the situation of the sink through real-time pictures on the launch platform. In the pipeline winding equipment and night effect is particularly prominent.

C: The signal lamp, which senses the signals of tourists rafts entering the pipeline through sensors, makes a red light to remind the operator of the sink that the tourists have slipped. It also senses tourist rafts to enter the safety compartment through sensors, reminding the platform operators that a group of tourists can enter the departure state.

Confirming the state and safety interval of tourists' descent at the same time through the above three ways can effectively help operators avoid judging and estimating errors so as to occur collision events with too short departure interval or staying on the slideway which can not be found in time.

It is the mission of every water park practitioner to let every visitor have fun and play safely. Only by keeping vigilant, shouldering the responsibility of the enterprise, constantly learning and implementing advanced safety management methods, can we guarantee the personal safety of tourists and create a safe and happy water park.

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