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Key Points of Conceptual Plan Planning for Water Park Equipment - part three

Key Points of Conceptual Plan Planning for Water Park Equipment - part three

Combination of Safety Mature Project and Innovation Project           

Innovation must be on the premise of safety. If it is not, it should be excluded. I surveyed nearly sixty or seventy cities across the country, no matter young tourists or family tourists, without exception, safety ranks first, but the weight has changed. Families with children value safety more, while young people value safety relatively lower, but this relatively low is also ranked first. So whether it is mature water park equipment or innovative equipment safety must be put in the first place.           

We have a deep experience in the operation process, water park security control is more difficult than equipment entertainment park, theme park security control. It involves a series of factors, such as water flow, water volume, water quality, human operation, visitor's weight, playing posture and so on. Carelessness can lead to life safety and lifelong disability for tourists. So we should consider the maturity and safety of equipment from the source, and the equipment selection must pay attention to this problem.           

Combining equipment price with service life, operation cost and after-sales service           
Some investors like to choose low-priced equipment. In fact, the price of equipment is not the final price of the equipment you use strictly. The price of equipment is related to its service life, operation and maintenance cost, after-sales service and operation cost. Taking all these factors into account is the final price of equipment. Price.           

For example, the service life of some imported equipment is 25 years, and that of some domestic equipment is 10 years. Under the same quality, if the price of domestic equipment is 50% lower than that of imported equipment, the final price of domestic equipment is still high because of different service life. There are also intermediate maintenance costs, operating costs, maintenance costs. We must take these factors into consideration.           

Some equipment after-sales service is not good, equipment failure manufacturers give you two or three months, a business season on two or three months, which means that the equipment lost efficiency in that year, so after-sales service is also very critical.           

When we consider the equipment selection, we have a good idea of the equipment selection when we take these seven key factors into account.

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