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How to do the marketing of Water Park from HAISAN water slide company Part 2

How to do the marketing of Water Park from HAISAN water slide company Part 2

Sing theme songs and play cards well

Implementing Promotion Measures in Accordance with Local Conditions

In the current marketing, activity planning is regarded as a powerful tool in the implementation of marketing. Because of its short business cycle, rigid consumption, short-term consumption, instant consumption, individual play and other characteristics, a good large-scale activities will undoubtedly provide a boost to enhance business efficiency and detonate passenger flow. And HAISAN water slide company will also supply some suggestions for marketing. For example, the Bikini competition in Chimelong and Maya's electric syllables have become brand activities, which are deeply rooted in people's hearts. In the process of activity planning and creativity, we can dig and refine from the current popular entertainment or entertainment items, popular entertainment, sports, internet stars, current hot events or festival opportunities (such as the World Cup, Dragon Boat Festival, Qixi Festival), professional activities combined with other directions, plan and create distinct activity themes, and give a combination of highly experiential activities. The popular underwater flyers, live webcasts, star SHOW, electric syllables, water polo wars, bubble wars, watermelon Carnival and so on are all good examples. It can also create original IP activities belonging to its own projects by making full use of all kinds of ideas and collective efforts.

Netting opens the way

Constructing an orderly marketing network

In order to create the greatest market benefits in a short period of time, it is necessary to establish a three-dimensional and perfect marketing system. In addition to setting up marketing organizations and powerful marketing teams, it is also necessary to set up sales organizations in the central areas of major source markets, as well as channel sales points and sales individuals in large enterprises and groups, and gradually form the basic sales of headquarters decision-making-direct marketing development of marketing centers-promotion of sales points in various regions and promotion of customers-visitor dissemination-potential source formation.           

Strengthen and expand the direct selling network. To divide the marketing department into different parts of the market, and to subdivide the market into different parts, such as different regions, different industries, different scales and different characteristics. To conduct selective and targeted direct sales visits and follow-up talks with minority water-playing groups. Establish ticket sales agency. To conduct inspection in various regions, selectively select agents for negotiation, and give them incentives and returns, making them a terminal publicity point and a terminal sales point.            

Establish channel outlets or sales individuals. Major travel agencies, major associations, major property management companies (offices), government, industrial and mining enterprises (trade unions, administrative, human resources and other departments) in the source area will selectively choose their units or individuals as points or individuals for channel sales. The company will give preferential marketing and protection policies. Channel outlets or individuals can conduct group sales or individual ticket sales separately. Get the corresponding returns; plan the cooperative mechanism of benign competition, ensure the profit space of each channel and cooperate in a win-win way; the marketing channels of aquatic amusement park mainly include various travel agencies, tourism networks, group buying networks, hotels with self-organizing functions, channel agency companies, etc. The key lies in the formulation of policy system and the establishment of the distribution model of interest mechanism.
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