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Type Selection and Value and Cost Analysis of Water Park Equipment

Type Selection and Value and Cost Analysis of Water Park Equipment

1. Technical requirements: stable technical performance, good quality assurance of process and material; structural form of equipment meets the requirements of site installation site; safety performance of water park equipment meets the requirements of mandatory national standards; equipment selection meets the requirements of equipment opening time; steel structure and driving design of equipment meets the requirements of local climate conditions; equipment design meets sudden changes under different circumstances. Emergency handling requirements for failure or accident;

2. Price: Purchasi
ng price meets the requirement of cost budget;

3. Manufacturers: high brand awareness, high quality after-sales service, equipment manufacturers should have the relevant requirements, and good reputation and performance in the industry;

4. Equipment delivery parameters: select projects with higher reception capacity as far as possible; equipment capacity meets the requirements of PPH peak reception in theme park;

5. Product portfolio: equipment selection needs to meet the experience needs of different customer groups; parent-child portfolio, thrilling stimulus, some products have market leadership and appeal, so as to facilitate rapid market publicity and strengthen market influence;

6. Color requirements: Bright color, differentiation and personalized theme design, it is best to have customized personality reinforcement support; Equipment packaging design to meet the theme of the park cultural atmosphere requirements;

7. Make a good turn-key project mode of equipment, reduce the cost of dynamic management in many links of the process (production, transportation, customs declaration, installation, slip test, type test, acceptance inspection, registration and use, etc.).

8. The contract signing pays attention to some details: the responsibility and cost relationship of auxiliary balustrade, water supply and drainage pipeline to water treatment machine room, slideway flow meter, number of emergency rescue platforms, steel structure of upper and lower passenger platforms, personnel trial sliding responsibility, type test and acceptance inspection procedures, etc.

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