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Operation Management Methods of Water Slides

Operation Management Methods of Water Slides

Water parks are large-scale comprehensive amusement places with water as the theme, and they integrate leisure, entertainment and sports in one. With the continuous improvement of people's culture and living standards, and the continuous renewal of consumption concept as well as the entertainment and leisure mode, more and more people choose to visit water parks. The water slide is the main part of the water park, which takes water as the medium to adapt to the needs of tourists with different stimulation desires and different age structure levels. The safe use and operation management method of water slides is also an important part.

1. Eye catching signs should be hung at the obvious position at the entrance of the water slide: notice to tourists, precautions and sliding mode signs.

2. At the entrance of the water slides, a staff member shall be assigned to each slide to check the safety of the slide, guide and supervise the tourists to slide according to the specified sliding mode and correct method, and strictly forbid the tourists to stand on the slide to ensure the safety and reliability of the slide; at the same time, the staff should guide the tourists to control the interval time of the slide in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the slide and avoid the collision. At the exit end of the slide, there should be a pool (or at the tail of the buffer section of the slide). At the same time, a staff member should be assigned to urge the tourists to leave in time, prevent others from entering the slide pool and avoid the occurrence of collision accidents.

3. Before the operation every day, the staff shall carry out necessary inspection on the water slide. Phenomena such as exposed sharp edges, sharp corners and burrs are not allowed at the places that are accessible to passengers. The slide body shall be free of cracks, deformation and fracture; the transition at the interface shall be smooth without water seepage and water leakage.

4. After checking to ensure the safety and reliability, open the lubricating water valve and adjust the flow of lubricating water according to the specified requirements to ensure the safety, comfort and moderate speed during sliding.

5. Sliding test: There should be no obvious bouncing and rolling phenomena in the process of sliding, and it feels comfortable.

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