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Four aspects-Reducing the risk of investment in water park from HAISAN water slide supplier

Four aspects-Reducing the risk of investment in water park from HAISAN water slide supplier

Among the people's impressions, the water park from HAISAN water slide supplier has always been regarded as a profiteering industry. However, as a water park investor, we must have a clear understanding: profit is a must, but we must not only pursue profit as the primary consideration, but should learn investment risk management and raise awareness of venture capital. It is very important for the operators or investors who are in contact with the water park industry to make investment decisions, especially the in-depth and detailed risk analysis of the investment. So how should we effectively reduce and avoid the risk of investment in water parks?
For the water park industry, reducing investment risks must first reduce investment expenditures, but it does not mean “save”, but rational allocation and utilization. It is necessary to do the following work:

1. Concept:
Investors can't just focus on the pursuit of profit. Of course, we know that we choose the ideal investment project for profit, but we are quickly caught in the homogenization competition with our peers at the expense of short-term profit-seeking.

2. Planning:
1 Choose to operate a water park, you need to tailor the body, do not let the site planning or purchase equipment to put too much pressure on yourself.
The average investor thinks that a water park is full of guests and it will be profitable. In fact, it is not entirely true, because the profit comes from consumption and continuous consumption. Only in this way can we generate turnover. If we only look at the customers, it is “there is no need to win the head”, it consumes manpower, material resources, electricity, and finally it is futile.
2 The site should choose a solution that suits its own positioning.
Most of the design of water parks are pieced together and lose their creative features. Therefore, designing this piece must be combined with its own planning, and it is not possible to imitate the surrounding peers.
3 Water amusement equipment configuration can not be blindly obeyed, and should be optimized with the mode of “select customer first, then select equipment”.

3. Management:
To pay attention to training, at least more than one-third of the energy should be used for training to build a quality management team. In this way, in the later operation, we can show our own advantages in the competition of the peers and stand out.

4. Marketing:
1 Not blindly "free", but to choose the right marketing method.
2 Avoid plagiarism, copy the marketing plan of peers or peers.
3 Do everything possible to retain customers, such as holding promotions, theme activities and other forms.
4 You cannot change the price of the currency at will.

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